dog toy BULLET blue

Chasing the favorite toy makes every dog ​​feel an extraordinary joy. Fetching, running and searching are favorite activities of every dog, regardless of age. A BULLET blue dog toy by Bowl&Bone Republic is a guarantee of a great, endless fun.

Playing games together with your pet can be even more enjoyable with dog toys offered by Bowl&Bone Republic. It not only has a positive effect on the psychological well-being of your pooch, but also improves his physical condition.


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Quality time with your dog

The toy is made of extremely durable string with an admixture of delicate silk and is available in 4 different colours. Certainly, it will become his favorite gadget for crazy games in park or forest. Your pooch will be delighted with his new dog toy and having fun together will bring you plenty of joy.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

Bowl&Bone Republic is a European brand with a long tradition. Consequently we design and create our unique accessories exclusively on the old continent. Above all Bowl&Bone Republic products are a guarantee of comfort even for the most demanding dogs.

Physical activity through play

BULLET blue dog rope toy has a relatively lightweight construction. It’s well-balanced center of gravity makes it possible to achieve impressive distances with a little effort. Its fabric is very durable and resistant to biting so it will work perfectly when the dog will decide to play tug a bit, before giving the toy back to his owner.

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The top shelf dog toy

BULLET blue is perfect for throwing, fetching and tugging – it will encourage every dog to play. It can bring plenty of joy to your pet, while providing a guarantee of a long, pleasant and extremely stimulating play, that supports the proper development of your four-pawed friend.

The dog toy by Bowl&Bone Republic, thanks to the admixture of delicate silk, stays afloat in the water, so it will also work while playing in the lake, river or other water areas.

Dimensions of dog toy BULLET
in blue colour

diameter: 7 cm (≈ 2,8″)

total length: 28 cm (≈ 11,0″)

Remember! Blue rope toy from Bowl&Bone Republic is a great recipe for a great time for your pet and his human!

Take care of your dog’s toys

We design BULLET blue dog toy with the highest quality materials. The precise finish of the product makes it very durable and easy of clean.

Toy is washable by hand or in an automatic washing machine in a gentle cycle at a temperature up to 30°C with fabrics of the same colours. After washing, remember to completely dry it. To maintain the highest quality please do not dry it in an automatic dryer, dry clean or use bleachers. If necessary iron on low.

In order to extend the use of our products, we kindly ask you to follow the detailed cleaning instructions provided on the product label.

BULLET rope dog toy is is also available in yellow, red, pink and grey colour versions.

WARNING! The owner decides if the toy is suitable for his pet and is responsible for its use. You should check regularly condition of the dog toy, as damage may result in swallowing or choking. To keep your dog safe, do not leave him unattended during the play.

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