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Dogs love to play, in which their guardians are welcome to participate. Thanks to the Bowl&Bone Republic toys, mutual activities will become even more enjoyable. The intriguing dog toy PEGASUS has already stolen many a dog’s hearts and has become a faithful companion of walks, outdoor activities. It’s also a perfect cuddly toy chosen for sleep. Thanks to it, strengthening the bond between you and your pooch will rise to a whole new level and solidify!

Give your pooch a unique toy PEGASUS – let it become an inspiration for you to have great fun with your doggy. After all, nothing is as precious as the moments spent together. We hope that our toys will become an indispensable part of your adventures, which recalled after years in memory, always bring back pleasant memories.


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Care for the condition and emotional development of your dog

Thanks to the PEGASUS toy, your pet will be even more willing to try to interact with you, which will allow you to spend time learning each other even better. Even if the pooch is already an adult, he needs attention and shared moments, just like when he was a puppy. The PEGASUS dog toy, kept in subdued colours, was made of the highest quality materials. Thanks to this, your four-legged friend will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

The texture of the product and its shape will attract your pet’s attention for a long time, and lovers of original dog accessories will love this toy for its unique design.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

Each of the Bowl&Bone Republic products has been manufactured with attention to the smallest detail. The highest quality and durability of dog accessories are equally important to us. Comfortable harnesses, elegant collars, stylish clothes, wooden bowls and dog beds signed by our logo are a guarantee of satisfaction – both pooches and yours. Also, the toys we offer are made of the highest quality materials, extraordinarily resistant to use. Everything for the safety, comfort and satisfaction of your pet.

Creative toys for your pet

Bowl&Bone Republic, a European brand of premium dog accessories, thanks to their unique shapes, colours and textures, encourage creative fun for dogs of all ages. Maltese, Yorkie, Shih-Tzu, French Bulldogs, as well as Cavaliers, Cocker and Springer Spaniels, Jack Russelle, Schnauzers and Dalmatians use them willingly. Thanks to play, they develop not only their imagination but also coordination and general mobility. The activity makes puppies happy and learns much faster.

The very nice-looking PEGASUS is one of the important elements of the dog’s layette, whose owners appreciate not only the highest quality, but also thought-out look of accessories. A dog toy in the shape of a pegasus, with a lush mane and an elegant light plaid motif, is a timeless choice. The classic look suits every dog’s layette, and the toy’s form makes it easier for pets to catch or carry it.

The material that our designers chose to manufacture this toy is durable and easy to keep clean. Thanks to this, you get a guarantee that your dog’s favourite toy will be a companion of your joint adventures for a long time.

Dimensions of dog toy PEGASUS


height about 22 cm (≈ 8,7″)

width about 13 cm (≈ 5,1″)

The PEGASUS toy comes from the same series as the UNICORN and the PONY toys - check them all out!

Cleaning the Bowl&Bone Republic toys

Bowl&Bone Republic toys are not only visually attractive and durable but also easy to clean. This is very important, especially when our pet likes it a lot!

This indispensable element of every dog’s layette, you can clean both manually and in the washing machine, in a delicate program. It is important to remember that the water temperature during PEGASUS toy care should not exceed 30° C. Please sort colours – wash a toy with clothes in similar colours. Do not chlorinate or chemically clean the toy. After washing, dry it completely flat down before giving it to your play dog again. Thanks to this, it will retain its original values for a long time.

In the collection of Bowl& Bone Republic dog toys, you will also find many other toys for dogs of all ages. Be sure to get to know them: BAX, DEX, REX, FELIX, ROY, TOFFI, DUCKIE, DUMBO and BULLETs perfect to teach your dog to fetch. We also recommend designer baskets for dog toys to store them.

WARNING! Remember that the pet’s carer is responsible for the condition of the toy and decides if the pooch should play with it. Before you give your dog a toy, check each time if it is complete and that no part of it has been accidentally damaged during play by your pet. This could cause choking or swallowing of the damaged element. Do not leave your dog unattended while playing.

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