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Dog toy

Probably you value very much time that you can spend with your quadruped at games and developing his imagination and strengthening his condition. Toys are the perfect element that dogs' guardians can use in their everyday rituals.Our proposal, a charming PONY pooch toy, will definitely appeal to your dog, regardless of how old he is. Expressive to the touch and easy to grab toy will become a constant companion of your games - both at home and in the open air.


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Each of the toys signed with the Bowl&Bone Republic logo was produced in Europe,
using the highest quality materials, which are also completely safe for dogs of all ages. Both accessories for playing, as well as those used for the care of pets, delight not only with their durability, but also with an exclusive appearance that catches the attention of anyone who appreciates the aesthetic value of objects in their surroundings.

Dog beds, soft blankets, stylish dog clothes, bowls made of solid wood and many other accessories for your four-legged friend – with us you will complete the entire layette! Maltese, Yorkie, Shih-Tzu, French Bulldogs, Cavaliers, Cocker and Springer Spaniels, Jack Russelle, Schnauzers and Dalmatians will be happy to use it.

Toy for active play with the dog at home and in the fresh air

The shape of the PONY dog toy and its interesting texture will catch the attention of all curious quadrupeds. Just a few moments after the first sniffing, they will provide them with an unforgettable experience while playing with the guardian or other dogs. Be sure we use durable materials to make these toys. Thanks to this you will be able to enjoy them for a really long time!

The lush mane and checkered body made of intriguing material attracts the eye of classic design lovers. In turn, the dogs will appreciate the soft rustling sounds that the toy makes when touched. All this is thanks to the foil sewn into the interior of the toy. We hope that the charming pony will become an element of your dog’s layette for a long and will immediately steal your hearts.

After all, every moment spent playing together with your doggy in the future will pay off by strengthening your bond and will write many moments worth remembering on the pages of your friendship history. Play between pooches and guardians gives them a lot of joy and makes their tails wander happily. Importantly, toys also create an opportunity for to pooch’s proper development. The PONY toy will definitely encourage your doggy to be active. It will be a wonderful antidote to boredom and improve his agility, alertness and coordination.

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Special features
Product composition
Product care

height about 22 cm (≈ 8,7″)

width about 13 cm (≈ 5,1″)

The most important advantages of dog toys from Bowl&Bone Republic:

  • made of high-quality, dog-friendly materials,
  • can be washed by hand or in a washing machine,
  • designed and manufactured in the European Union,
  • unique design appreciated by VOGUE, GLAMOR and KENSINGTON & CHELSEA MAGAZINE.

100% PES material compliant with the REACH 1907 certificate, characterized by abrasion resistance of over 80 thousand. Martindale cycles, in addition, we used only reinforced threads for sewing to ensure the safety of your dog.

How to care for Bowl&Bone Republic toys?

Bowl&Bone Republic designers know very well that dog toys are often exposed to very intensive use. After all, they accompany dogs almost everywhere  in the park, on the meadow, while walking along the beach shore, or while travelling. For this reason, we have made them easy to keep clean.

You can easily wash your pony-shaped toy by hand or in a washing machine in a program dedicated to delicate fabrics, whose water temperature is max. 30° C. Do not chlorinate it or dry clean it. Also, do not use cleaning agents containing bleach. Sort the laundry so that the toy can be washed with fabrics of similar colours. Then you will be sure that it will not be dyed a different colour during washing. Before returning your toy to the dog, dry it thoroughly, preferably in a flat position.

Available colours
Other products

Safe and joyful play with your dog

The Bowl & Bone Republic range also includes many other toys for dogs of all ages. We especially recommend plush toy models – BAX, DEX, REX rabbits, FELIX kitten, ROY rhinoceros, TOFFI reindeer, DUMBO elephant and BULLETS for retrieval, which are available in several colours. All models of toy baskets that will help you keep order with them are also very popular!

WARNING! Please remember that the guardian decides if the toy is suitable for his dog. We recommend taking care of its condition and checking the toy’s condition regularly. This could lead to choking or even worse consequences! Do not leave your pet unattended while playing, then you will provide him maximum security, and your presence will give him great satisfaction!

If you have any questions, please contact us at: info@bowlandbone.com

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Bowl&Bone Republic dog toys –
the highest quality for your pooch

We are sure that the PONY dog toy will help you in everyday care for the health of your pet, thanks to the activities undertaken. With this great-quality gadget, you can play with your pooch both at home and outside. The specially designed shape makes it easy for dogs to carry the toy and catch it. Doggy will also be happy to hug it after a day full of thrills and outdoor activities.

 dog toy pony yellow

Why accessories from Bowl&Bone
Republic are unique

Your dog's comfort is the most important thing to us

design and details that will delight you

we use only the highest quality materials

100% production in the European Union

tailor-made accessories with the possibility of personalization

We will send the toy packed in ecological packaging, which is made of at least 70% recycled cardboard, to the place indicated in the order.

Take care of a better tomorrow with your pet and Bowl&Bone Republic





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