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A decent bowl for my dog – or what?

Do you take care if your dog eats healthy? And do you pay attention to the the bowl in which you give him food? A good bowl should be stable, durable, and adjusted to the size of the poodle.
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Dog bowl for your four-legged friend

Time for a meal is the favourite part of almost every doggy. The best specialties require proper serving. We pay a lot of attention to the aesthetics of our plates or cutlery. Your dog also deserve the spoiling with his favourite food from an elegant bowl. It is important to properly fit the bowl to your pet. Only a well-chosen bowl will give him the right comfort and convenience while eating.

A frequent cause of the doggy grimaces when eating is not the wrongly chosen food, but the bowl, which during the meal makes him uncomfortable. Does your dog notoriously take out bites from the bowl and eats them straight from the floor? Perhaps the bowl with its shape or finish makes the dog feel overwhelmed or he is just afraid of it. Although this situation seems abstract to us, let’s remember that psyche is quite different from ours. Take seriously the situation in which your dog does not feel well-eating meals from his previous bowl. If you are dealing with such a problem, you should consider changing current dog bowl to a more appropriate one.

What to look for when choosing a dog bowl

Primarily the dog bowl should be of good quality. Cheaper bowls, made of poor quality materials, can be quickly destroyed or begin to look unsightly. If we find the perfect bowl for a pooch that fully suits him and to which he got used to, we want it to serve him as long as possible.

Dogs do not belong to animals that in the twinkling of an eye are familiar with the new situation or, as it is in this case, with new objects of everyday use. A continuous exchange of bowls for a new model due to their quick-wear does not positively affect the well-being of the pooch. A dog gets familiar with the specific smell of its bowl and does not feel well when it is constantly being exchanged.

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A very important criterion, which we should follow when choosing a dog’s bowl is the size of a dog’s bowl. The appropriate dog bowl should enable the dog to easily consume all the meal in the bowl. The dog can be irritated when his favourite food is left at the bottom of the bowl, and he can not get to it in any way. What’s more, the bowl should not be too small to be able to fully contain a single portion of dog food.

Dog bowl should be stable. Dogs do not like when the bowl is moving or worse when overturns. Check if the one you chose is definitely stable and saves the dog uncomfortable situations. This is especially important in the case of extremely fearful dogs. Moving the bowl while eating may cause him fear and as a result, he will not want to eat the meals he has served.

A very important aspect that you should pay attention to when choosing a dog bowl is the ease of washing. Ideally, the cartridges and frame should be separate parts. This will allow easy and very frequent cleaning of the inside of the bowl without fear of damage to the standing element.

If our pet is allergic, carefully analyze the material from which the dog’s bowl was made. This applies to both the frame and internal cartridges. Some dogs have an allergic reaction in contact with metal. The Bowl & Bone Republic brand meets its four-legged clients by offering bowls with two types of inserts to choose from: metal and ceramic.

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Bowl types for four-legged pets

Manufacturers of dog accessories offer us a large selection of available dog bowls. Choosing the one that is supposed to meet the requirements of your pet seems to be quite a challenge. We analyzed the most popular types of dog bowls available on the market.

Classic dog bowl

It’s the most common type of dog bowl. A single bowl is easy to carry and clean. Lack of a support frame causes the bigger dog to bend down to get food out. The advantage of classic, individual bowls is the fact that we can put together two bowls of different diameters.

Double dog bowl

Bowl, which contains of two interconnected cartridges. It is a solution that takes up less space than two separate bowls. In addition, the whole is more stable construction than single bowls. Deciding on a double bowl you are sure that the whole will be aesthetically harmonious. Both water and food are in one place, which definitely facilitates cleaning in the dining area of our pet.

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Automatic bowl

It is a type of bowl for most demanding and also those dog owners who like the techniques. Automatic bowl dispenser automatically feeds the pet at the time you previously scheduled. It is very convenient especially if you work at irregular times and you are not at home during feeding time of your pet.

Besides, the automatic bowl will work very well if you bring the care for several quadrupeds, and the attempt to simultaneously give them food is a real challenge. Unfortunately, it happens that dogs can be afraid of such bowls. Before buying such a bowl, you should consider testing it just for the doggy reaction to such a modern version of dog bowl.

Tourist bowl

When choosing a trip with your pooch, remember to include a bowl in his equipment. The most convenient option for joint trips with a pooch will be to use a bowl designed typically for tourism purposes. Typically, these types of bowls are made of lightweight materials, and their construction allows them to be folded.

Favorite dog treats from his favorite dog bowl

Beloved treats eaten from a well-chosen bowl will taste even better! What’s more, the bowl made of the highest quality materials affects the comfort of eating a dog meal. We often treat the selection of the bowl quite superficially, which is a mistake. The bowl is just as important for a dog as a comfortable dog bed or well-cut harness.

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