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dog bowl solo amber light brown wooden bowl and bone republic ls2sa

A decent bowl for my dog – or what?

Dog accessories selection | 25 July 2019
Do you take care if your dog eats healthy? And do you pay attention to the the bowl in which you give him food? A good bowl should be stable...
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dog harness denim blue bowl and bone republic ls2sa

How to choose a comfortable harness for your dog?

A well-chosen harness for a dog is primarily about the comfort and convenience your pet experiences while wearing it. Choosing the right cut...
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dog bed dreamy silver bowl and bone republic ls1sa blog

How to choose the right dog sleeping bag

Your doggy loves to bury himself while sleeping under his pillows or blanket? If your answer is yes, we have a perfect alternative for him -...
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dog waste bag holder mini navy bowl and bone republic ls2sa blog

Best gift ideas for dog owners

Looking for the perfect gift idea for a dog person? If that’s the case, you must consider the dog himself, rather than his owner. For this...
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dog cushion bed deco sapphire toy bax bowl and bone republic ls2sa blog

How to choose the right toy for your dog?

Having toys for your dog is the right thing to do. What's more, not having things to play with can actually have bad effects on the health o...
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dog mat chill olive bowl and bone repulic ls1sa

Focus on Frenchies – The French Bulldog

Dog accessories selection | 26 February 2019
If you appreciate exceptionally playful and friendly dogs, living with a French Bulldog will bring you enormous joy. Frenchies are very devo...
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dog bed scott grey basket for dog toy cotton grey toy duckie toffi bowl and bone republic ls2sa

How to get your dog to sleep in his own bed?

Dog accessories selection | 9 February 2019
What shall we do when we realize that our bed has gained a new, furry bed companion? Sooner or later, every dog owner won’t be able to res...
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dog bowl duo jasmine bowl and bone republic ls1sa blog

How to choose the right dog bowl

Dog accessories selection | 17 October 2018
Every responsible dog owner knows the importance of proper nutrition. However, not everyone is aware of the factors, which in fact influence...
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dog sweater aspen pink bowl and bone republic ls2sa blog

How to choose the right dog clothes?

Dog accessories selection | 10 October 2018
When it gets windy, rainy and unpleasant outside, we all go through our closets, searching for warm clothes that can keep us from freezing. ...
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dog bed loft coral blanket zen grey toy dex bowl and bone republi ls2sa

How to choose the right dog bed

Dog accessories selection | 21 September 2018
One of the basic needs of each dog is to have his own corner in the house where he can sleep or just get some rest. Even if he sometimes pre...
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