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Best gift ideas for dog owners

Looking for the perfect gift idea for a dog person? If that’s the case, you must consider the dog himself, rather than his owner. For this reason, we would like to present some proposals that will surely please every dog/owner duo. Our suggestions are perfect for all kinds of occasions such as birthdays, name days, Valentine's Day or Christmas.

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Gifts that will bring a smile to every dog owner

  • waste bag holder

A waste bag holder is an extremely useful gadget for a dog owner. We especially recommend models that can be attached not only to a leash, but also to the belt loop of a pair of trousers. This way we can be sure that we will not forget about the bags when we head out for a walk.

An exceptionally stylish and functional case for doggy waste bags can be found in the range of products offered by Bowl&Bone Republic. Our MINI waste bags holder has a convenient hole for pulling out bags to make them easier to access while you are out on a walk with your pooch.

  • basket for dog toys

It would seem that a basket for dog toys is more of a gift for the pet than his guardian. Nothing could be more wrong. A toy basket will allow you to organize and store toys that are not in use in the same place, at the same time. This will allow you to keep your dog’s toys tidy and maintain order in the house.

dog bed classic pinkcbasket for toys cotton pink toy toffi bowl and bone republic ls1sa

The Bowl&Bone Republic brand offers a wide range of dog toy baskets in various colours. They captivate not only with their functionality, but also with their stylish design.

  • dog guide books

There are a lot of handbooks about dogs. If we know the owner and his pet well, we will certainly find something suitable in a bookstore. A good, valuable book is the perfect companion for a cosy night spent by the fireplace with your dog.

  • gadgets with dog’s image

Is it possible to find a dog owner that would not love a poster with his dog’s picture on it? A calendar with photos of an owner’s dog is another interesting idea. Furthermore, a painting portraying an owner and his dog would be a truly remarkable gift.

  • dog walking accessories

A properly chosen leash and well-cut dog harness guarantee maximum walking pleasure for a pet and his owner. When dogs feel completely free, walks between owners and their pets will be a time of joint relaxation and enjoyment. If you know the dog owner likes to run, buying a special harness that allows him to run with his dog is very practical.

dog harness lead yeti rose bowl and bone republic ls1sa

  • dog accessories gift card

If we are not sure exactly what will make a dog’s caretaker happy, a gift voucher for dog accessories is a great solution. Who better than the recipient himself to know exactly what it is that he needs at that moment?

A gift voucher is a good gift idea that is always successful. Many brands offering dog accessories, such as Bowl & Bone Republic, have gift vouchers readily available.

Happy dog, happy dog owner

The gift ideas that we have mentioned above are universal and will work for any dog -large or small. When deciding on a specific purchase consider whether or not the selected item is guaranteed to please the recipient. If you are not 100% sure that your gift is perfect, a gift voucher may be the best solution.

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