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We know that taking care of a four-legged friend is quite a challenge. Here we have answers to many troubling questions that dog owners ask themselves. It doesn't matter whether they concern the dog's health, its daily care or the selection of the best accessories for the dog.
Every dog ​​lover sometimes needs advice on an issue that bothers them, and we will try to help!

a dog eats from a white duo bowl

Differences in a dog’s diet in winter and summer

Should your dog’s diet during the winter months differ from that during the summer months? Yes, but not dramatically. I want to tell you what you can pay attention to when preparing a daily menu for your pet on cold winter days. Your dog’s daily diet should be rich in fat and protein in winter. [...]

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a small dog on the blanket lying

Dog bed for the winter

In winter, your four-legged friend spends much more time relaxing on his bed. For this reason, you should ensure he feels entirely comfortable and warm in it. The addition of a nice-to-touch dog blanket will help you with this. In winter, the dog needs more cuddling and warmth when sleeping at night or after dinner [...]

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dog plays with a yellow dog toy

Top 5 dog gift ideas

Finding the perfect dog gift doesn’t have to be a challenge. I have prepared five suggestions for universal gifts for quadrupeds that will appeal to even the most demanding dogs. A good gift for a dog will appeal to virtually every quadruped. Buying a dog blanket, a mascot with a rustling insert, or a bowl [...]

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a samll dog with a mustard scarf stands on the floor

My dog won’t wear clothes – now what?

Your dog doesn’t want to wear clothes? Unfortunately, this is a fairly common problem, especially if your four-legged friend is learning to wear clothes. Your dog may not want to wear clothes for a specific reason. Try to find out what is causing your dog’s aversion to clothes. It will help you effectively convince him [...]

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a big dog on the brown cushion

When the dog stops behaving like a puppy

Wondering how long your four-legged friend will behave like a puppy? That depends on several factors I would like to tell you about in this post. First, it is worth noting that a dog’s mental and physical adulthood are two different things. The puppy period in a dog’s life lasts until he is one year [...]

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a dog on the blue dog bed

Why is my dog vomiting?

Do you know what causes your four-legged friend to vomit? If not, I wanted to answer that question for you today. As it turns out, there can be many causes of vomiting in your dog. Contrary to appearances, they are not only associated with indigestion. The dog’s gag reflex warns his body that something terrible [...]

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a dog with his guardian in the city walk

Dog’s jealousy – how to deal with it

Do you ever feel that your four-legged friend is jealous of you? That is a prevailing situation when a dog is close to his owner. However, do you know all the problems that can make your dog jealous of you? Can a dog be jealous of his owner? Absolutely. The dog may be jealous of [...]

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a dog on the grey dog mat

How to train an older dog

You have an older dog under your care, and you wonder if training and training a quadruped at his age is a good idea. In this post, you will find my answer to this question. I hope I will help you dispel all your doubts and facilitate the care of a senior dog. Training an [...]

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