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Bowl for a small dog – how to choose

Are you facing the choice of the right bowl for your little dog? If so, I am very happy to help you. Before buying the perfect bowl for your pet, you need to pay attention to a few important issues. First of all, make sure that the bowl you choose will meet the requirements of the dog. After all, it is to him that it is to serve when eating every day. It would also be nice if it enjoys your eyes :)
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Bowl for a small dog

My dog’s favorite moment of the day, of course, skipping walks, is the meal time. Every day he wanders into his bowl in anticipation of the delicacies he loves. It is impossible to hide that for a dog it matters not only what he eats, but also how we give it to him. A bowl for a small dog should be chosen not accidentally.

First of all, you need to take care of the convenience and comfort of the pet while eating. Wondering what the perfect bowl should be for a small dog and how to choose it? If so, I have some tips for you to help you make the right choice.

Why choosing a bowl for a small dog is important

To answer honestly, does the appearance of what you eat not matter to you? I think I know your answer to this question well. It is always much more nice to eat food that is nicely, aesthetically pleasingly served. I especially appreciate it if at the same time nothing embarrass movements when eating.

Our dogs also deserve full joy and satisfaction from food. Here’s why choosing the right dog bowl is important:

– the dog is more willing to eat his food, this is especially important when dealing with a dog being a picky eater,

– the dog does not dirty the whole space around himself while eating,

– the dog has easy and convenient access to the bowl, nothing restrains his movements, portions of food are adequate to the size of the bowl, thanks to which the dog does not eat either too much or too little,

– a solid bowl is enough for years, there will be no need to replace it continuously with a new one,

– a well-designed bowl gives you the opportunity to clean it comfortably, so that we can keep it clean and hygienic,

– the aesthetic appearance of the bowl makes it fit nicely into the space of your home.

dog bowl duo amber light brown wooden bowlandbonerepublic ls1sa

Choosing a bowl for your dog, as you see, is very important. What model you choose will have a direct impact on the reception and convenience of food by the pet.

So make sure that the bowl you have chosen is the one your dog would choose for himself.

Bowl for a small dog – basic rules

Other categories we will follow when choosing a bowl for a large dog, and others for a small dog. I think there is no one-size-fits-all solution that works well in both cases.

A bowl too large for a small dog will be very uncomfortable when eating. On the other hand, if our pet is large in size, then a bowl too small will make it not be filled after eating his meal.

Want to learn how to choose a bowl for a Maltese, Bulldog, Pug or Cavalier? I’m introducing you some tips.

1. the size of the bowl for the pet

In my opinion, this is one of the main factors that should affect which bowl we choose for your little four-legged. The dog, first of all, should have easy access to food.

The bowl for a small dog should be low enough for the pet to be able to eat freely, without having to climb. This is especially important when dealing with a puppy or a really small dog.

Too large a bowl can cause the dog to get dirty while eating. Moreover, he can also dirty his paws if the bowl is too deep for him, and the dog will want to eat everything, even what is deep at the bottom.

I recommend you for small dogs an elegant bowl DUO from Bowl&Bone Republic. It is ideal for small and not too large dogs. My favorite is amber color, but also check out other variants: greyjasmine and chestnut.

2. manufacturing material of bowl for your little pooch

What the dog bowl was made of is of great importance. I think we all know very well that plastic absorbs the smell and taste of the food he eats. Therefore, a bowl made of plastic will quickly cease to be in good condition and fully hygienic.

Moreover, the material of the bowl has a direct impact on its quality. If you want a bowl for your little dog to serve him longer then make sure it is made of good materials.

Pay attention not only to what the bowl rack is made of, but also the food container itself. Why is this so important? Some dogs react badly to metal. It is a material that provokes an allergic reaction in them, or the dog simply reacts badly to it.

My pet during his puppy years was extremely fearful. To the extent that he was concerned about the sound that was created when his collar touched the metal inside of the bowl. It took me a long time to wonder why the dog eats so slowly and with a great deal of caution. Looking for solutions to this problem, I replaced the metal bowl cartridge to ceramic one, which turned out to be a hit.

Therefore, if you notice that your pet suddenly became a picky eater, then perhaps the problem lies not in the food you give him, but in the bowl.

dog bowl duo ceramic grey wooden bowlandbonerepublic ls1sa

Bowl&Bone Republic offers two lines of dog bowls, DUO i SOLO, which are also available with ceramic insert.

3. robustness and stability of the dog bowl

The fact that your dog is small in size does not mean that he does not have enough strength to turn over his bowl. Anyone who regularly cleans the spilt water, or worse, the pet’s food from the floor knows how bothersome it can be.

Some dogs deliberately hit the bowl with their paws while eating to find better bites. Automatically, an unstable bowl can easily fall to the floor, spilling all its contents.

Even a small dog is able easily to overturning its bowl in this way. How to avoid this? The bowl should be well balanced, have a decent rack, which provides a solid basis. That is why the material from which the bowl is made is so important.

As we all know, plastic is very light, even a small dog will have no problem overturning a bowl made of such plastic. Therefore, I personally recommend you wooden bowls. They make the bowl really solid, and the dog would have to try well to turn it over effectively.

4. the appearance of the bowl dedicated for small dog

It is impossible to hide that small dogs are often fearful. They can even scare themselves with things designed specifically for dogs.

I happened to witness a little dog staring with a very skeptical gaze at his new shaped toy, which he did not know until now. A few attempts to convince the dog to play did not give any result.

The situation may look similar with a bowl for a small dog. Too extravagant model, although certainly very fashionable and original, however, may not work out in everyday life with a four-legged.

dog bowl solo amber light brown wooden bowlandbonerepublic ls2sa

Therefore, when choosing a bowl for a small dog, I recommend you to choose more classic models and patterns. Remember that this product is primarily intended to serve your pet, not you.

After that, you will know that the bowl for a small dog is good

How to recognize that you managed to choose the perfect bowl for your dog? You will surely notice this joy and happiness in his eyes with every meal. Nothing so pleases as the sight of a satisfied dog, who willingly devours his favorite food.

If, in addition, the space around the bowl ceases to look like a small battlefield, then what we might want more. The joy of a dog is a real happiness for any pet lover.

Want to know more about which accessories to choose for your pet? By clicking HERE you will learn how to choose the perfect bedding for your dog.

And how do you think your dog likes his bowl?

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Author: Klaudia, author and a great dog lover
The doggy by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and see each new day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. Searching for my soul mate, I found her in dogs' wise eyes.

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