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Communication with your dog

Talking to a dog is more than just issuing commands or orders. Communication with your dog is the basis for a friendship that connects us with our pet. Dogs, in fact, are able to understand much more than you would suppose. Their minds can distinguish many short phrases as well as individual words, and associate them with certain situations or their consequences. Therefore, building a strong relationship with a dog is not only about having a lot of fun together, but also about mutual communication. It’s important to not only talk to our dogs, but also listen to what they want to tell us.

Is communication with your dog important?

Having conversations with your dog is very important for both of you. It is the basis for creating a strong bond between the owner and the pet. What’s more, a dog that receives a lot of interest and attention feels much happier. Conversations can have good influence on its mental condition. It makes the dog feel safe in its home environment and gives it a sense of belonging as a family member. Treating our pets like friends is the best thing we can ever give them.

Reasons why it’s worth the effort

Dogs can sense our emotions and state of mind. Talking to our dogs can even be therapeutic for us. Furthermore, dogs are great listeners. They listen to each word carefully, they do not criticise, and they do not give away any of our secrets. Especially for shy people, talking to a dog can be extremely helpful in dealing with internal emotions. Communication with dog has a particularly positive influence on children. It develops a sense of empathy and respect for others.


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Be a good listener

It’s important to remember that in order for communication between us and our dogs to be successful, we should not confine ourselves to giving monologues. If we really want to get to know our dogs’ world, we need to learn how to listen to what it wants to tell us. Being aware of what the dog wants to tell us at any given moment will help prevent misunderstandings and make it possible for us to meet its needs. Remember that a dog talks to us not only by barking and making noises but also through body language. The ability to listen and read what a dog wants to tell us is the basis for building a strong human-dog bond.

  • Sounds

    – Pay attention to the length and intensity of the sounds that your dog makes. The longer the sound, the more attention we should give it. Long, unrelenting barking should not be ignored. In such a situation, it is necessary to check the cause of that behaviour as soon as possible. Individual noises and barking are usually expressions of temporary interest or astonishment. Whimpering is an unmistakable signal that the dog is in pain or discomfort. By growling, the dog undoubtedly expresses its dissatisfaction with the given person or a particular situation. Howling and baying are typical signs of longing for company. Most dogs don’t like spending time alone. That is how they express their sadness when they lack companionship.

  • Body language

    – Dogs that feel comfortable and at ease keep a loose posture. You can observe its relaxed state by looking for a slightly lowered tail and a lack of tension in its figure. When a dog wants to play, it wags its tail and jumps cheerfully, bending slightly the front of its body. Seeing such joy in the eyes of your dog makes it hard to say no to playing with it for a while! On the other hand, dogs that feel fear and insecurity often tuck their tails or cower and hide themselves.



Communication with dog should not be limited to issuing basic commands such as “sit down” or “lie down”. The ability to talk to your own pet is extremely important. It allows you to build a stronger relationship, mutual understanding and respect with your dog. Friendship between man and dog is something really amazing. It’s an extremely strong, unselfish bond. A dog can perfectly sense the mood of its owner, share a moment of joy with them or try to comfort them in tough times.

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