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Do dogs need clothes?

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The picture of a dog in a charming little sweater or jacket usually puts a great smile on people's faces. Small dogs wearing tiny clothes is one of the most heart-melting views. However, it is important to pay attention to dogs that need additional protection.

Do dogs need clothes? – it’s a complex question

Low temperatures are particularly harmful to dogs that spend most of their day at home. In this case, the purchase of winter clothes is highly recommended. However, there are also breeds that do not need any extra protection, even on very cold days. When deciding to buy new clothes for your dog, it is important to act rationally and make sure to choose the most appropriate style of outfit – one that will not hurt it inadvertently.

Are dog clothes really necessary?

Some breeds of dogs adapt to live in warm places. In this case, warm clothes for frosty or cold days are very necessary. These breeds include, among others, Shih Tzus, Chichuachuas, Maltese and Yorkies. This rule does not only apply to small dogs. A good example is the Greyhound: although they are not the smallest ones, they may need additional protection against cold weather due to their body construction. You should also pay attention to puppies. Their tolerance to low temperatures is much weaker than adult dogs’. Long walks during chilly or windy days can cause your dog to catch a cold – its young body does not yet have a fully developed immune system. Therefore, if the first months of its life are during the winter season, it is good to think about buying appropriate clothing – its fur may not be thick enough to protect it from the cold. The same thing applies to older dogs. The older your dog gets the lower its temperature tolerance is.

Healthy and sick dogs have different requirements

Dogs suffering from diseases also require special protection against the cold. They have weaker immune systems so their bodies may not deal too well with low temperatures. The lack of proper cover for your dog during winter can make its disease worse. This applies not only to infections but also to joint degeneration or back problems.

However, we should not underestimate other dogs’ need for additional protection during cold days. If you notice, during a winter walk, that your dog is lifting its paws up, shivering or cowering, then you should think about buying your dog some clothes. Low temperatures, snow or strong winds can make even the furriest dog get a cold during a long stay outside. Dogs that spend most of their time lying on a comfortable couch in a nice, warm house are particularly sensitive to low temperatures. Do not hesitate to buy clothes for your pet even if it does not belong to the group of dogs that require special protection during winter time.



What clothes should you choose for your dog?

Primarily, the clothes you decide to buy should offer good protection against low temperatures. They must also be comfortable for your dog to wear. When choosing an outfit, pay attention to the type of lining and its quality. When temperatures outside start heading toward zero, the best will be clothes such as the dog jacket SPIRT. However, for really cold days, it is better to choose a jacket with a warm inner layer that provides protection against severe frost. It’s also very important to check whether the clothes will be comfortable for your pet when putting it on and taking it off, especially if clothing is something very new for your dog. In this case, the best choice would be a suit you can easily be fasten with buttons.

Today, there is a wide choice of sweaters, suits and jackets available for dogs. However, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the products offered and the materials from which they are made. In the Bowl&Bone Republic assortment you can find ASPEN dog sweaters, which are made from lamb’s wool and can perfectly protect your pet from the cold. Another option may be a jacket which also serves as protection against the rain.

Can harness also warm up?

A good idea may be to purchase special dog harnesses that also offer additional insulation. In the Bowl&Bone Republic collection, you can find YETI dog harnesses that are lined with a warm, nice fur. They fulfill their basic functions and yet protect against cold at the same time.  

  In many cases, a dog jacket is a necessity – without it, your pet would freeze during winter time. Nevertheless, public opinion on clothing for dogs is quite divided: there are both supporters and opponents. The reluctance to dog clothing is the result of many factors. One is the phenomenon of dressing dogs up for the sole purpose of looking fancy or fashionable. Some dog owners treat clothes as a form of expressing their style. As a consequence of this behavior, we can observe dogs dressed in ball gowns, tailcoats or other even more fancy outfits which we do not approve of, and even advise against. It is important to distinguish between dressing the dog up and protecting it against the cold.

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Author: Klaudia, author and a great dog lover
The doggy by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and see each new day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. Searching for my soul mate, I found her in dogs' wise eyes.

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