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Dog bath doesn’t have to be a challenge

A lot of dogs show great reluctance and even fear in relation to bathing. Attempting to put them in a bathtub often causes stress both for dogs and their owners. Bathing is extremely important for your dog, because it allows him to maintain proper hygiene, and more importantly his health. One of the key principles of dog care is taking care of his cleanliness.

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The first dog bath

The most optimal time for your puppy’s first bath is after he turns eighth months old. There are, however, exceptions to this rule.

For example, in the case of Yorks, the first washing is recommended as soon as the pooch is three months. If your puppy gets dirty before that you can clean only the muddy parts of the coat. When your puppy gets so dirty that his whole body requires washing, you can use water without any cleaning products.

Bathing in the first months of dog’s life is not recommended due to the fact that the young dog’s organism does not have a fully developed immune system. His skin and fur are so delicate that the washing process could unnecessarily irritate them.

Planning your dog’s first bath

However, the decision to prepare the first bath should not be put off for too long. This is a new unknown activity for a dog that can cause him to feel stress or anxiety. Therefore, if he reaches a certain age, it is best to get your puppy used to water. The course of the first bath and how the dog will remember it will have a huge impact on his later approach to washing.

If the first contact with water is traumatic for him, we can be sure that any later attempt to put him in the bathtub will be a big challenge. If the pooch begins to resist during the attempt to take the first bath, let’s try to use his favourite toy to distract him from the whole situation.

Don’t be afraid to stroke and cuddle your pet, even if he’s wet, our closeness will allow him to feel safer in a new situation. If, after all, the dog reacts very nervously, let us not force him, let us resign from the bath that day and wait a day or two. Perhaps the new day will change his approach to less rebellious.

Things to remember when bathing your dog

  • Frequency of washing your dog

There is no one solution that would be suitable for all dogs. The frequency of washing depends on several key issues. The first one is the age of the dog. If we are dealing with a senior dog, let’s remember that baths are much more tiring and stressful for him than in the case of young or adult pups.

The lifestyle of your pet is very important. We should bathe stayed at home dogs more often, than the once who spends most of their lives outside. The dogs’ breed and the length of their fur also influence the frequency of bathing. Long-haired dogs need more regular washing than those with short hair. To sum up, the best solution is to put the pet in a bath when the hygiene needs it.

  • What to use

The basis for the bath is of course dog shampoo and optional conditioner. In addition to cosmetics, it is worth having a non-slip mat to prevent your dog from slipping. The lack of balance can be extremely stressful for him.

  • Bathing process

Let’s carefully comb the fur before the bath, this will avoid unnecessary pulling. The water temperature should be around 38-39 ° C. Before we start washing with shampoo, the dog should soak in the bathtub for 2-3 minutes. Remember not to submerge your pet’s head. Then apply the shampoo firstly watering it down in the palm of your hand. Spread the cosmetic evenly, circularly massaging it into the fur and skin.

After rinsing the foam, we perform the washing process again. This is very important because the first stage is aimed at getting rid of dirt, and the second is to nourish the fur.

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After thoroughly rinsing the cosmetic, we go to a quick wetting of the head by pouring water gently. If we consider it appropriate, we can apply a conditioner that strengthens the fur. After finishing the bath, quickly wrap your dog in a towel. You should not rub your pet’s wet coat too much in order to dry him. If your dog doesn’t run away from it we can use a dryer for this purpose. It is important that the whole bath runs quickly and efficiently which will reduce the stress for the dog.

It is best to wash our pet in the evening, after the last walk of the day. The dog should not go outside for several hours after the bath because he could catch a cold. Remember that bathing your dog too frequently isn’t good either. It affects his skin negatively disturbing the proper functioning.

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