dog blanket ZEN graphite

Every pooch, regardless of age or breed, needs a moment of respite, which not only promotes regeneration of strength but also allows for harmonious development. Your pet will sleep calmly in his favourite lair or on the sofa when you cover him with a soft ZEN blanket in graphite colour.

ZEN is a great companion for dog naps and all trips – both those closer to the park and on vacation. So do not wait any longer and give your four-legged friend a designer ZEN blanket in a fashionable shade of graphite melange.


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Comfort and easiness for your dog
– only with the ZEN graphite blanket

Pleasant to the touch, the ZEN blanket in graphite colour is an indispensable companion of a dog’s life. After all, after a day full of activities and games in the fresh air, especially when the weather outside the window is not favourable, everyone dreams of a bit of relaxation. The ZEN blanket in a shade of graphite will be great in this role. It will perfectly wrap your pooch, warm his frozen feet, give him a safe and warm shelter so that he can fall into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

The designers of Bowl&Bone Republic, a European brand and leader in the production of premium dog accessories, made sure that the ZEN blanket was not only functional but also elegant. The classic design makes this dog blanket from an everyday object a decorative element.

You can successfully put it on the sofa, terrace or in front of the fireplace – regardless of the place, it will delight with an interesting texture and elegant cut. We recommend to use it as a set with comfortable dog beds from the LOFT, CLASSIC and URBAN series. In this way, you will create the perfect set for your pooch, which will become his favourite place to rest and bring him a lot of joy!

Wrap your dog in a cute ZEN graphite blanket

The graphite ZEN blanket is perfect for home and travel. The dog-friendly material makes them happy to bury themselves in it during a nap, and the lightness encourages them to even transport the blanket to the chosen place on their own.

The ZEN graphite blanket will become their oasis of peace, and the familiar smell will evoke only joyful moments worth remembering. You can be sure that in such conditions every pooch – Maltese, York, Shih Tzu, Spaniel, Dog, Bulldog or Schnauzer – will indulge in carefree rest.

We made sure that the ZEN graphite blankets combine high quality, functionality and aesthetics. Their classic, timeless design will surely delight dog guardians who like to surround themselves with inspiring objects that steal their pets’ hearts. With the ZEN blanket in the graphite melange colour, your pet will rest in comfortable conditions whenever he needs it.

Dimensions of dog blanket ZEN
in graphite colour

70 cm x 90 cm


(≈27,6″ x 35,4″)

Graphite doggy blanket is a great complement to our beds - in particular from the LOFT, URBAN and CLASSIC lines.

Easy to clean blanket ZEN graphite

The ZEN graphite blanket will keep its softness and a great appearance for a long time if you follow a few simple rules during care treatments.

The ZEN graphite blanket can be washed by hand or in a washing machine, after selecting the program dedicated to delicate fabrics. Make sure that the temperature of the water during cleaning does not exceed 300. We also recommend that you use mild detergents that do not contain chlorine and bleach when washing your ZEN blanket. We also ask that the ZEN graphite blanket is not dry cleaned and that it should be left to dry completely flat aftercare.

Detailed information on washing methods can also be found on the label attached to the product.

We would like to remind you that the ZEN blanket is also available in grey colour. However, if you are looking for a more classic blanket design, check out the ROYAL or NAP dog blanket in brown or grey.

At Bowl&Bone Republic, we perfectly understand that dogs have different needs and preferences. Some love to wrap themselves up in blankets that are large, while others prefer minimalist solutions. For this reason, we offer the possibility of placing individual orders for ZEN blankets. Our designers are waiting for your message at

Send us information on the preferred size of the ZEN graphite blanket for your pooch and we will process your order in approximately 7 business days.

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