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Dog collar or harness – what to choose

dog harness or collar which is better

Dog walking collar or harness

A common dilemma for newly baked pooches owners is the choice between a collar and a harness. Opinions on this topic are very divided, so it is extremely difficult to get a definite answer that will be universal and suitable for every pooch.

So why is it so difficult to clearly define the superiority of harness on collar or on the contrary a collar on harness? This is because it is a very individual matter of each pet. Which option will be more convenient for him depends on his breed, size and build, as well as age.

An important issue is also what kind of activity this dog accessory will be used for. For joint walks in the park or maybe training.

Following a few rules that we will present to you, you will definitely make a good decision on what to choose – a collar or a dog harness?

The puppy should wear a collar

Puppies are extremely sensitive to all kinds of external factors. Their body is still developing, growing, and thus very delicate and prone to injury. For this reason, it is recommended to choose a collar for puppies. Why?

This is due to the fact that the harness can negatively affect the dog’s posture, which at this age is not fully normalized.

are collars or harnesses better for dogs

Besides, it is easier and, above all, safer to control an unruly pooch who is not yet able to behave properly during walks. It is known that a young dog that is not yet able to walk on a leash will tear up and pull. If he was wearing dog harness, this behavior could even in extreme cases cause damage to the toddler’s ribs.

Therefore, for small dogs, due to their health and safety, it is recommended to choose a collar. Of course, if the dog has already grown up, without fear we can go on harness even if previously the pet only wore collars.

Harness is better for an older dog

The situation of dog seniors is quite the opposite of the situation with puppies.

collar or harness for small dog

For elderly pets, the recommended choice for everyday walks is dog harness. This is because, with age, the trachea in dogs loses its original elasticity. Because of this, wearing a collar can cause discomfort when breathing.

Also, harnesses are recommended for osteoarthritis or other back problems in quadrupeds.

Dog collar – advantages and disadvantages

Until recently, it was the collar that led the way among dog accessories for a walk. The market of dog accessories is rich in various types of collars, of various cut, shape, material or finish.

The enormity of choice can be overwhelming, which is why it is important to make wise decisions about choosing the right dog collar.

Advantages of a dog collar

The great advantage of a dog’s collar is the fact that it allows you to have a little more control over the pooch than it does with braces. This is especially important when our dog is just learning to walk correctly on a lead and is extremely resistant at the same time. The collar works very well for large and strong dogs.

dog harness or collar for puppy

It is also a help in controlling the behaviour of the pooch with a spontaneous and somewhat aggressive personification. It allows you to have more control over the dog.

In addition, the collar gives the pooches style and elegance. To achieve this effect, it’s worth checking out the Bowl&Bone Republic dog collar range.

Disadvantages of dog collar

An unquestionable disadvantage of a dog collar is the fact that the pressure is more locally distributed and the feeling of greater discomfort when wearing it.

Remember that the wrong size can cause chafing on the dog’s neck, and in extreme cases even choking.

Dog Harness – pros and cons

Dog harnesses have been a recent element of the dog accessories market for a relatively short time. Nevertheless, they quickly gathered a huge number of fans.

dog harness or collar

In what situations will they work better and in which worse than a classic dog collar?

Advantages of dog harness

First of all, it should be mentioned that the harness is an indispensable element of the pooch’s equipment, which is extremely physically active. During joint training, harness works perfectly and are unrivalled in this respect in competition with the collar. An example of a harness that works great when playing sports with your dog is the ACTIVE harness line from Bowl&Bone Republic.

dog harness lead active grey bowl and bone republic ls2sa

Harnesses are also a recommended choice for dogs with a short neck, in which wearing a collar would be extremely uncomfortable. The harness also allow the pooches to have full freedom of movement.

Harnesses and their disadvantages

Choosing the right size of dog harnesses is a bit harder and more demanding than in the case of collars. What’s more, poorly selected harness, additionally made of poor quality materials, can cause abrasions on the pooch’s body.

Dogs with slightly less standard dimensions may have a problem with the availability of the right size for themselves. Very small, extremely timid dogs may feel a bit overwhelmed by the design of the harness.

The disadvantage of braces can also be their way of putting on when our pet is extremely unruly and mobile.

Harness or dog collar – what eventually is better for my dog?

When choosing a harness or a dog collar, it’s important to consider the needs of your dog, its personality, but also the body shape and age.

dog harness candy red bowl and bone republic

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Let your dog try both solutions on his own skin and decide in which one he feels better. Observe his behavior and well-being during walks together. Under no circumstances should you force your dog to wear anything that makes him feel uncomfortable.

Both collar and dog harness are a good solution. If properly selected, your dog will certainly feel good and comfortable in them, no matter which option you choose for him.


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