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Dog home alone at night

Sometimes there is a time when you, unfortunately, have to leave your four-legged friend for a part or the whole night. When this moment comes, it's good to be prepared for it. There are several ways to help with it.
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Dog alone at night

Raising a pooch is a real challenge. Leaving your pet home alone is a common problem faced by newly baked dog keepers. As we all know, pooches are very sociable animals. They feel good being around people and do not like the moments of loneliness. Therefore, each of our going to work or school is a cause for sadness and longing for them. In order to slightly improve the humour of a pet during our absence, we must try to provide him with the best conditions at home. So that he felt completely safe and comfortable.

Although it would seem that for a pooch it doesn’t matter if he stays alone during the day or during the night, in reality, it looks a bit different. Contrary to appearances, it is more difficult for a dog to endure loneliness at bedtime.

Why is that and what it comes from?? Let me answer this question.

The difference for a dog to spend time by day and by night

Learning new skills for puppies is a fast process but also intensive. Doggy learns the correct behaviour in many completely new situations. One of them is just staying alone at home during our absence. In order for the pooch to endure our time of separation well, we must prepare him for it. This should be done as soon as the pet appears in our family. It will allow him to better understand the order at home. If the pooch gets used to the fact that you are always with him then later it will be much more difficult for him during each separation.

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If the pooch copes well with being home alone during the day, it doesn’t mean that he will feel equally free and confident at night. First of all, this applies when the dog stays alone at night only once in a while. So he is not used to this kind of situation. Then he may feel a bit confused and worried. Dogs don’t like unexpected changes in their daily routine. Therefore, when a situation arises where in the evening he can not fall asleep peacefully feeling that you are in the same room doggy can be clearly dissatisfied.

Why the dog doesn’t like to be alone at night

First of all, the dog feels your absence at night differently than during the day. Why? This is because the dog needs other stimuli during the day than in the evening. This is the basis of how he will deal with spending time alone.

Doggy alone during the day

During the day everyone has their own things to do. Of course your four-legged friend as well. His daily tasks to do include play, eating a delicious meal served by the caregiver, and an obligatory after-dinner nap. This is only part of the activities that your pet does every day. There are also walks, having fun together or relaxing on the sofa. So, as you see, the dog’s free time during the day is filled up with surprisingly many activities. Most of these activities relate only to himself, and we do not participate in these activities. Therefore, if you tame your dog with the fact that when you go to work, he then has free time only for yourself, your daily routine will run smoothly.

Doggy alone during the night

The situation is slightly different when the pet is left alone at night. For dogs as well as for people, the evening is a moment of calmness and relaxation after a whole day. The level of our energy decreases, and sleep becomes the desired relief and rest. Doggy also values this moment of the day when he can finally get comfortable in his favourite bed.

The basis for a peaceful, comfortable sleep is complete relaxation and a sense of security. Your pet going to his bed wants to feel that he is safe and can fall asleep peacefully and without unnecessary worries. Of course, the doggy feels the most confident and safe knowing that you are next door and can count on you if needed.

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Therefore, the dog alone at night, when it lacks your closeness, often cannot sleep or its sleep is not fully effective and relaxing. At night, the dog needs a sense of our closeness to fall into a calm, undisturbed dream.

How to prepare a dog to be alone at night?

The basis for the pooch’s peaceful sleep is a comfortable bed. The bedding is his safe corner, his own place where he seeks solace when anxiety overwhelms him. Therefore, the lair should be fully adapted to his needs. When choosing a bed for your pooch, it’s worth paying attention to the wide range dog beds of Bowl&Bone Republic premium brand. All offered beds are made of the highest quality materials. Their shape and finish are based on maximum comfort during pooch’s sleep. Dog beds from the URBAN line or the LOFT bedding, which are the flagship model of this brand, will be perfect even for really picky dogs.

Every dog ​​among all his toys has the one most favourite. When a pet stays alone without his guardian, it is it who comforts him. Your pooch will definitely fall in love with BAX, REX, DEX or other dog toys designed by Bowl&Bone Republic. They look great, are made of exceptionally soft material and have nicely rustling interior.

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Surely you know it but it won’t hurt to remind it. Remember that you know your pooch best and you have to decide whether leaving the toys is safe for him. Each pooch is different and his character plays a key role here. Do not forget to constantly monitor the condition of his toys because a damaged toy can be very dangerous for the pooch!

Doggy alone at night at home should always have fresh water in the bowl, as well as dry food. Although it is not the time of day when the pet eats meals, the full bowl is something familiar, which also affects his level of peace.

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When definitely the pooch shouldn’t be alone

Of course, under no circumstances you should leave the pooch alone at home on New Year’s Eve. This also applies to other situations, when you know that for some reason extremely loud noises may be heard in your apartment e.g. a birthday party taking place at your neighbours.

Make sure that the pooch does not stay alone too often at night. Remember that frequent loneliness at nights affects a home dog well-being. This is a common feature of all four-legged friends and their guardians 🙂

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