dog mat CHILL chocolate

Having a comfortable bed to himself is one of the most important aspects of your dog’s home life. This little patch of paradise is not only the place where your dog rests and recuperates, but also the space in which he feels completely at ease and totally safe. Take care of your dog’s comfort with our CHILL chocolate dog mat.

At Bowl&Bone Republic, we combine modern design with solutions that are tailored to the needs of every dog. Our CHILL chocolate dog mat is equipped with a flexible mattress, and is a guaranteed to provide your pup with a form-fitting, healthy rest.


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Healthy sleep in style

There is no higher priority for us than the comfort and health of your dog. When designing our products, we focus primarily on those aspects that will contribute to the quality and length of our product’s lifespan. After designing the best solutions for your dog, we focus on you and your expectations.

Aesthetic features, that take into account the latest trends, are our “domain”.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

Taking several factors into consideration, we select our design materials very carefully. Firstly, our materials must have the required certificates, meet appropriate standards, and be both strong and durable. Secondly, it is very important to us that the materials we use are soft, pleasurable to the touch and suited to your dog’s lifestyle. Finally, when choosing our materials, we always keep a keen eye on aesthetics, to ensure a beautiful design that both you and your beloved pup will love.

Our CHILL chocolate mat is not only comfortable, but will also win your heart with its elegant appearance! Seriously, what could be more beautiful than your beloved pup resting happily on a chocolate bar? And a healthy one to boot!

A comfortable bed for your pooch in a modern edition

Our CHILL chocolate dog mat makes it easy to only have one dog mat ever again. Its simple, elegant style does not overcrowd any room, and its uniform colour and simplistic design make it the perfect complement to any interior.

Our CHILL mat can be used as a simple decorative element in rooms maintained with a minimalist style, or in combination with our red ROYAL blanket, as a way to liven up your home.

For Bowl&Bone Republic designers, the most important aspect of creation is the pleasure that dogs feel when using our products. Our CHILL chocolate mat has comfortable filling, which is not only beneficial for your dog’s bones and joints, but also provides him with the ultimate in doggy comfort.

Added to the list of features that make our mat a perfect choice, our product also has hypoallergenic properties.

Sizes of dog mat CHILL
in chocolate colour

S – 70cm x 50cm x 5cm (≈ 27,6″ x 19,7″ x 2″)

M – 80cm x 60cm x 5cm (≈ 31,5″ x 23,6″ x 2″)

L – 100cm x 70cm x 5cm (≈ 39,4″ x 27,6″ x 2″)


Our CHILL chocolate mat fits perfectly with our ROYAL dog blanket, and is also available in four other colour versions: honey, rose, silver and olive.

Clean, fast, hygienic

The inserts of our CHILL chocolate mat can be removed by unzipping the cover, making it easy to keep clean. You can wash your mat by hand or in an automatic washing machine on one of the delicate programs, so long as the water temperature does not to exceed 30 °C.

So as not to damage the delicate skin of your pup, do not use strong detergents, bleaches, chlorine or highly odorous substances, when cleaning your dog mat.

You can find more maintenance related information on the product label. Familiarizing yourself with this information will help you properly care for your CHILL chocolate mat and ensure that your dog will be able to cherish it for many years to come.

CHILL dog mats are also available in honey, olive, rose and silver colour versions.

At Bowl&Bone Republic we also make lairs and mats that are specifically tailored to your pup’s unique dimensions. We would be happy to match our mat to the individual preferences of your pooch! In order to place a special order, please contact us by e-mail at

The time required to complete an individual order is usually 10 working days. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to chat with you!