dog foam mat

comfortable dog mats with foam insert

You can be sure that your pet will love the mat from the very first moment and will be happy to rest on it, regenerate strength and closely observe the world around him. Thanks to the fact that it is light and handy to transport, you can take it wherever your dog wants to rest – on the terrace, in the garden, in the park, on vacation or in front of the fireplace during a family gathering.

Dog foam mats are also ideal as lairs for pets, whose joints require special care due to their age or health problems. Their elastic filling on the one hand perfectly insulates the dog’s body from the cold ground, and on the other hand, gives relief to his joints.

exceptional dog foam mats by Bowl&Bone Republic

Foam mats for dogs are a combination of quality, design and functionality. When designing this line of travel dog accessories, the designers of Bowl&Bone Republic, a European manufacturer of premium dog accessories, did not make any compromises. The durability and quality of materials have been perfectly combined with a minimalist design. The mats have covers that are pleasant to the touch, and their filling is made of high-quality foam, which retains its plasticity and elasticity even with frequent use.

Thanks to this, each dog guardian can be sure that his pet is surrounded with adequate comfort. Quadrupeds, in turn, appreciate the mats for their softness and the possibility of resting on them almost anywhere. We also took care of the possibility of a quick metamorphosis of mats. They are available in many different colours. So if you order an additional cover in a different colour for bedding, you will change its appearance quickly and easily.

Remember that with Bowl&Bone Republic you can also order a made-to-measure mat for your dog. This way you will be sure that every day your pooch rests in a bedding that perfectly suits your needs. Regardless of which option you choose, foam mats will certainly give your dog a lot of joy and will give him a sense of comfort and safety.