dog mat CHILL olive

In response to the needs of the even the most demanding of dogs, we have created accessories that provide these wonderful animals with the maximum level of comfort possible. Our CHILL olive mat is an excellent alternative to traditional beds, and can be easily transported wherever your dog wants to rest.

Bowl&Bone Republic is famous for its attention to detail and for using the highest quality materials possible for everything that we create. These traits are reflected in the timeless design of our products, as well as their superior level of comfort and ease of use.


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A top quality mat for your pooch

Dogs often like to take naps in different locations. Cosy nooks, backyard terraces and balconies are just a few such places. Our CHILL olive mat can easily be transported to any one of these places and will provide your beloved dog with soft bedding and a comfortable place to rest his head, no matter the location.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

Our CHILL olive mat is ideally suited to home life, travel, or outdoor activity. Young and old dogs alike will appreciate the luxurious comfort of this mat and seek it out eagerly as a place to rest and recuperate after a long day of activity.

Minimalist design and exceptional comfort especially for your pet

At Bowl&Bone Republic, we strive to satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding owner-pet duos. With this goal in mind, each of our accessories has been designed by specialists with the utmost attention to detail. Our CHILL olive mat is not only a stylish complement to the interior of your home, but above all, a safe haven for your dog.

The bed is made of pleasant to the touch material and is filled with flexible, hypoallergenic foam that provides your dog with a healthy platform on which to rest. Our CHILL olive mat is also extremely durable and resistant to deformation.

Sizes of dog mat CHILL
in olive colour

S – 70cm x 50cm x 5cm (≈ 27,6″ x 19,7″ x 2″)

M – 80cm x 60cm x 5cm (≈ 31,5″ x 23,6″ x 2″)

L – 100cm x 70cm x 5cm (≈ 39,4″ x 27,6″ x 2″)


You can also match a soft blanket with your CHILL olive mat. We especially recommend our ZEN dog blanket, which compliments the mat perfectly.

The highest quality and easy cleaning

Our CHILL olive dog mat is not only eye catching and aesthetic, but also easy to clean. The high quality materials used to produce the bedding are extremely resistant to heavy use and regular washing.

To clean your mat, simply wipe it down or put it through a delicate/manual cycle of no more than 30 C on your washing machine. To keep your dog’s mat as long as possible, do not bleach it, use chemical cleaning products or send it to be dry-cleaned. After each wash, remember to thoroughly dry out your mat, preferably in a flat spread-out position.

To maximize the lifetime of your mat, please also follow the washing instructions you will find on its product label.

Our CHILL mats are also available in chocolate, honey, silver and rose colour varieties.

At Bowl&Bone Republic, we will gladly sew a mat especially for your pooch. To order a tailor-made mat, please contact us at

The approximate delivery time for an individual order is 10 working days.