dog mat CLASSIC graphite

Are you looking for comfortable bedding for your dog in which he will be happy to rest and relax? Do you want to guarantee him a sense of comfort and at the same time take care of his health? If so, be sure to get to know the CLASSIC mats from the European brand of premium dog accessories – Bowl&Bone Republic.

The main advantages of CLASSIC foam mats in graphite colour are high quality, minimalist design and handiness. Thanks to this, this dog bed will accompany your doggy for a long time and will guarantee your pet exceptional comfort. Surrounded by nicety, the pooch will feel safe, for which he will thank you with a joyful wagging of his tail!


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Minimalistic and comfortable dog foam mat

We know very well how important the role of rest in every dog’s life is. Like undisturbed sleep, it promotes harmonious development, allows him to regenerate after a day full of activity and has a positive effect on the mentality.

The designers of Bowl&Bone Republic, when creating graphite CLASSIC mats, also paid special attention to the protection of the dog’s joints. The filling made of a thick layer of flexible foam protects the dog’s paws.

For this reason, CLASSIC mats are especially recommended for those quadrupeds who suffer from various orthopaedic diseases or are elderly. They are also perfect as lairs for puppies, whose developing joints also need adequate substrate hardness for the proper development of the locomotor system.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

Equally important, the CLASSIC graphite dog mats are light and easy to transport. So you can easily move them to the place preferred by your pet – on the terrace, balcony or garden, and also take them on vacation.

Together with pillows and travel mats, CLASSIC beds create stylish and elegant elements of a dog’s layette.

You can be sure that even the most demanding Shih-Tzu, Maltese, Yorkies, French Bulldogs, Cocker and Springer Spaniels, Cavaliers, Jack Russells, Schnauzers, Golden Retrievers or representatives of other breeds will be charmed by the comfort of resting on CLASSIC mats and they will become their favourite bedding!

dog foam mat by Bowl&Bone Republic –
so that every dog ​​can rest in comfortable conditions

CLASSIC dog mat in graphite colour is made of exceptional materials. The cover has a sewn-in zipper, which makes it easy to take it off and keep it clean. The friendly-to-touch material wraps the dogs and gives them a feeling of blissful relaxation. In combination with the filling made of flexible foam, it creates an outstanding designer and friendly set for pets.

What is equally important, the materials selected by Bowl&Bone Republic designers are characterized bysuberb durability, thanks to which even during long use the CLASSIC mats in graphite colour retain their original qualities. It is a premium product that has already stolen the hearts of many dogs around the world!

The rich colours and the possibility to order the CLASSIC mat cover only make it easier to create designer layettes for dogs. All you have to do is inform us when placing an order that you want to buy an additional cover in the same or a different colour, and we will do the rest. CLASSIC mats, apart from the graphite colour, are also available in brown, beige, grey, cream and red versions.

By changing the cover, you will quickly make a metamorphosis of your four-legged friend’s bedding and give the interior a new look.

In combination with blankets signed with the Bowl&Bone Republic logo, a European manufacturer of premium dog accessories, or sleeping bags, CLASSIC mats create extremely designer and unique sets that delight pets and their guardians.

Sizes of dog mat CLASSIC
in graphite colour

S – 70cm x 50cm x 5cm (≈ 27,6″ x 19,7″ x 2″)

M – 80cm x 60cm x 5cm (≈ 31,5″ x 23,6″ x 2″)

L – 100cm x 70cm x 5cm (≈ 39,4″ x 27,6″ x 2″)


The CLASSIC foam dog mat fits perfectly with the ROYAL blanket or DREAMY sleeping bag.

easy-to-clean dog mat

Dog beds are particularly prone to getting dirty. Bowl&Bone Republic designers know this very well. For this reason, the CLASSIC dog mat in graphite color has a removable cover, and the materials used for sewing it are suitable for hand and machine washing.

It is enough to choose detergents free of chlorine and bleach and water at a temperature not exceeding 30C to quickly and easily keep the CLASSIC mat clean. After completing the care treatments, we recommend that you let it dry completely in a flat position.

Detailed information on washing the CLASSIC dog mat in graphite can also be found on the label attached to the product. Please read them carefully.

unique dog mat for individual order

We perfectly understand that dogs’ needs are diverse. Each of them, regardless of breed or age, has their own preferences. The guardians around them always strive to provide their pets with maximum comfort and safety.

Bowl&Bone Republic, as a European manufacturer of premium dog accessories, meets these expectations and offers a tailor-made sewing service. Thanks to this, you can order the CLASSIC mat in the size preferred by your dog and thus win his sympathy even more!

Importantly, this way you can also easily adjust its size to the space at home.

Please send the detailed dimensions of the CLASSIC mat to and our designers will complete your order in about 2-4 business days.


After this time, we will send you a shipment packed in nature-friendly packaging, which is at least 70% made of recycled cardboard. In this way, we will take care of the environment together and contribute to the protection of our planet!