dog mat CLASSIC red

The CLASSIC red dog mat is an important element of every dog layette. Handy, comfortable and durable – it will provide your pet with a comfy rest and a sense of security. Guardians will appreciate it for its minimalist design and a wonderful shade of red, which beautifully emphasizes the color of the dog’s coat.

So if you are looking for a bed for your dog that is the essence of comfort and style, the CLASSIC red foam mat will certainly meet your expectations. You can be sure that your dog will love it from the very first moments and will be happy to rest there – at home, on the terrace, in the garden or on longer trip.


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Provide your dog with a comfortable
CLASSIC foam mat

The red dog mat is the perfect combination of unique design and comfort. The pleasant-to-touch texture of the cover and the flexibility of the foam filling is a reliable duo. In a masterly style, it meets the needs of even the most demanding pets and their guardians. For this reason, it should also be in your home.

Maltese, York, Shih-Tzu, French Bulldog, Cocker and Springer Spaniels, Cavaliers, Jack Russell Terriers, Schnauzers or representatives of other breeds willingly rest on CLASSIC mats after a walk, relax and fall asleep after an eventful day.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

When you want to guarantee your pet the right conditions for healthy and proper development, the comfortable CLASSIC mat will be a perfect choice. Durable and at the same time friendly for pets, the materials used to sew it ensure the durability of the bed, which translates into your satisfaction as well as the comfort and safety of the pooches.

To meet the expectations of those quadrupeds who are struggling with various types of ailments related to age or health, our designers made sure that the filling of the CLASSIC mat was especially flexible to dogs’ joints. If your pet is ill, his joints require special care or is a puppy of a breed that is characterized by potential joint diseases, we encourage you to order a mat filled with memory foam.

Comfortable CLASSIC mat for your dog in red colour

The designers of Bowl&Bone Republic, a European brand of dog accessories, perfectly understand the needs of pets. In our daily work, we make every effort to ensure that the dog products signed with our logo can be described as premium.

For this reason, when sewing the CLASSIC mat in red, we paid attention not only to the quality and durability of materials but also to functionality and aesthetics. The zipper sewn into the cover makes it easy to remove, and the filling made of plastic foam does not deform even when your dog uses the mattress very often.

Guardians of pets appreciate the CLASSIC mat also because of its minimalist design. The simple form combined with the red cover creates an extremely elegant combination. Such a fashionable element of a dog’s layette can be a decorative accent in your home or garden.

Remember that the mat is part of the entire CLASSIC line – complete a bed, pillow and rolled travel mat to enjoy the complete set of accessories.

We have also made sure that you can quickly and easily change the appearance of the CLASSIC mat. It is enough to place an order for an additional cover in shades of brown, cream, beige, graphite or grey so that your pooch can enjoy the bed in a completely new colour.

Thanks to this option, you will be able to quickly transform the interior.
You can be sure that your four-legged friend will rest on the CLASSIC mat is extremely comfortable conditions, for which he will thank you by cheerfully wagging his tail!

For fans of cuddling, we recommend soft blankets and toys to the set, thanks to which your dog will have everything he needs in his lair to rest and regenerate in truly luxurious conditions.

Sizes of dog mat CLASSIC
in red colour

S – 70cm x 50cm x 5cm (≈ 27,6″ x 19,7″ x 2″)

M – 80cm x 60cm x 5cm (≈ 31,5″ x 23,6″ x 2″)

L – 100cm x 70cm x 5cm (≈ 39,4″ x 27,6″ x 2″)


A designer dog mat in red is a part of the CLASSIC line - order a pillow, a travel mat and a bed to enjoy a sensational set!

keep the CLASSIC foam dog mat clean easily

Dogs treat lairs as private apartments. They like to keep toys on them as well as hide treats. Often, they will rush straight to their bedding immediately after a walk to rest after outdoor activities. In such conditions, it is easy to get dirty.

Fortunately, the designers of Bowl&Bone Republic, a European brand of premium dog accessories, have successfully solved the problem of keeping their accessories clean.

The removable cover can be washed by hand and mechanically – in a washing machine in a program dedicated to delicate fabrics. You just need to make sure that the water temperature does not exceed 30C, and that the detergents used for cleaning do not contain bleach or chlorine. After washing, we recommend leaving the CLASSIC mat in red to dry completely in a flat position. This way you will keep its appearance for a long time.

Additional information on keeping the CLASSIC foam mats for dogs clean can also be found on the label attached to the product. Please read them carefully before starting any beauty treatments.

dog foam mat made to measure

We know very well that dogs have different tastes and preferences. Some people love to sleep curled up and covered with a blanket, others need a lot of space to lie on their back and pull out tight.

For this reason, we offer the possibility of sewing the CLASSIC made to meusure. Then you will be sure that your pet has a lair that actually meets his needs and that you can efficiently fit it in your home.

If you want to place a personalized order for the CLASSIC foam mat in red, send your preferred bed dimensions to and indicate the delivery address. We’ll do the rest.

The CLASSIC mat will be ready for your pet in about 2-4 business days.


We will pack everything in aesthetic packaging, which is environmentally friendly, as as much as 70% is made of recycled materials. Together, we will contribute to the protection of the environment and make each new day better and healthier – for you, your four-legged pet and others!

Your pooch will certainly thank you for such a gift, and his joyful tail wagging will be the best expression of this!