dog raincoat STORM pink

When the weather outside the window is getting more and more capricious, encouraging the dog to go for a walk is often challenging—falling rain, snow or blowing wind are not allies of quadrupeds. Fortunately, we have a solution – the pink STORM dog raincoat!

Waterproof, easy to put on, not restricting movement, with a hood protecting the dog’s head. Its unique design and exciting colours are additional advantages. The STORM dog raincoat will encourage your pet to be active outdoors, regardless of the weather! It will provide your quadruped with thermal comfort and give a sense of security, protecting him from rain and wind.


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STORM dog raincoat – take care of your dog’s comfort during walks on rainy days!

The STORM raincoat for dogs in pink combines functionality and above-average aesthetics. The dog’s raincoat is attached with two Velcro fasteners – one runs under the pet’s belly and the other under its mouth. That allows you to adjust and fasten the raincoat according to your dog’s preferences. Importantly, you can also choose its size – from XXS for tiny dogs to XL for larger pets – to maximally adjust it to the shape of the quadruped.

Also noteworthy is the sewn-in hood, which perfectly protects dogs’ heads. That is especially important for dogs sensitive to wind, who often get the ear or upper respiratory tract infections after walking on windy and rainy days.

Equally important, the STORM dog raincoat is made entirely of waterproof pink material, and the bottom layer is made of a cotton lining that is pleasant to the touch. Thanks to it, the raincoat perfectly protects the body of dogs against heat loss while not irritating their skin and protecting them from the wind.

Bowl&Bone Republic designers also ensured that the STORM dog raincoat had an opening for a harness or collar. You can quickly and easily fasten the leash to go out for a walk together without needing to take off your clothes.

In addition to the classic pink colour for this garment, the STORM waterproof coat with a hood is also available in yellow and orange. So you can easily match its style to the rest of your four-legged friend’s layette.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

STORM dog raincoat – protect your pet from rain and wind

The pink STORM dog raincoat is the perfect solution for bad weather. It protects against a bucket and rain, and you can easily adjust the size to the preferences of the quadruped. All products signed with the logo of the European manufacturer of premium dog accessories, Bowl&Bone Republic, are created with the needs of our four-legged friends in mind.

You can be sure that every dog ​​- Shih-Tzu, Maltese, Chihuahua, Yorkie, French Bulldog, Cocker and Springer Spaniel, Cavalier, Jack Russell, Schnauzer, Golden Retriever, Hart or German Shepherd will be enchanted by the comfort of wearing the STORM raincoat.

Thanks to the extensive adjustment range of the raincoat with a hood, you can put on an additional layer of clothing underneath. Dogs who, even with a slight decrease in temperature outside, feel significant discomfort will appreciate this solution. The sweaters offered by Bowl&Bone Republic will be perfect for this role – graphite ASPEN, navy blue SNOWFLAKE or Christmas sweaters in REINDEER.

However, remember you can use the STORM dog raincoat as a stand-alone dog garment. The top layer is waterproof, with reflective colours evident even after dark. The bottom, on the other hand, is made of pleasant-to-the-touch cotton, which effectively protects dogs’ bodies against abrasions or irritations and, at the same time, provides them with greater thermal comfort.

Sizes of dog raincoat STORM
in pink colour

dimension table for measuring dog coat

WARNING! If possible, please send the collected dimensions, dog's breed and sex in the "Order Notes" window. Based on this data, we can help you choose the perfect size of the STORM coat for your dog.

Care of the STORM dog raincoat

Going for a walk in rainy weather or foul weather usually involves the risk of numerous dirt on the dog’s clothes. Bowl&Bone Republic designers know this very well, so they ensure that the STORM raincoat is easy to keep clean.

The materials used to sew it are suitable for hand and machine washing. However, when performing care treatments, please remember to use chlorine-free and bleach-free detergents. When washing rainproof clothes for a dog, the water temperature should not exceed 30C. After cleaning, we recommend leaving the coat to dry completely in a flat position. Thanks to this, it will retain its beautiful pink colour and hydrophobic properties for a long time.

You will find additional information on washing the pink STORM hooded raincoat on the label attached to the product. Please read them before you start cleaning.

What size raincoat to choose for a dog?

Raincoats for dogs STORM are available in six versions – from XXS to XL. To choose the right clothes size for your dog, please measure your dog carefully. The circumference of the dog’s neck and chest, as well as the length of the trunk, are essential. It would be best to remember that the inches should be guided as loosely as possible during measurements, with a little reserve.

Thanks to this, there will be no problem adjusting the raincoat to your pet’s preferences or putting on extra clothes underneath when more frost comes. Please compare the measurement results with the table below, which shows each size of the STORM coat in our store. Add one of them to the cart and place an order so your dog is prepared correctly for walks on rainy days.

Made-to-measure STORM
hooded raincoat for your dog

Proper dog protection against wind and rain are fundamental issues that every guardian should remember. Unfortunately, a dog soaked and blown in cool air is reluctant to go on walks and can get sick. The right size of the STORM waterproof coat with a hood is an effective way to take care of your pet’s health during walks on rainy days when the weather does not spoil and does not encourage activity.

Considering the needs of representatives of different breeds, we offer the possibility of tailoring a STORM coat to size – according to the needs and preferences of your four-legged friend. Thanks to this, you can be sure that its size is perfect for your pet.

Send the preferred dimensions of the dog clothes for the rain to, and our designers will complete the order in about 2-4 working days. When the pink STORM coat is ready, we will send you a package packed in environmentally friendly packaging.


Our planet is important to us, which is why Bowl&Bone Republic projects are sent only in packages that are at least 70% made of recycled cardboard. We deliver the product quickly, both in Poland and abroad.

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