dog jackets

Wrap your pet in the warmth of an elegant dog jacket

A dog jacket will become your pet’s favourite accessory during cool walks. It has been designed especially for those pets that do not tolerate low temperatures well. A warm and comfortable jacket by Bowl&Bone Republic will encourage your pet to walk even during cold days. Mutual activities keep your dog in top shape even during the months when it’s impossible to experience some sun warmth.

When designing a jacket for a dog, we took care of every detail so that its use was extremely pleasant for pets and trouble-free for their guardians. We love our work, so we want to create premium accessories perfectly suited to the needs of dogs, which will make it easier for you to take care of your pets on a daily basis. We have also designed the SPIRIT dog jacket with this in mind. We are sure that it will be an irreplaceable element of clothing, especially on extremely windy days.

Fashionable transitional dog jackets from Bowl&Bone Republic

Jackets for dogs are exclusive clothes prepared with the unique needs of dogs in mind. The sophisticated pattern and perfect cut make the jackets look great on every dog, regardless of his breed and size. During the design process of the dog jackets, we made sure that they were perfect in every way. That’s why we are sure your dog will love the Bowl&Bone Republic windproof jacket from the first time he wear it.

A transitional dog jacket made of a solid fabric resistant to wind and cold will perfectly protect your pet. Thermal insulation will allow the dog’s back to be warmed up, making him more eager to go on everyday walks. You can be sure that the warm and comfortable clothing will encourage him to have fun, take long walks or run after his favourite toy. And we all know that a happy dog ​​is an active dog.

We also know how important it is for caregivers to take care of the appropriate style and quality of accessories for pets. Therefore, the selected fabric, type of insulation and cut affect the durability and exclusive appearance of dog jackets. The colours of the clothes from Bowl&Bone Republic, the European manufacturer of premium dog accessories, will emphasize the uniqueness of your pet. Importantly, the dog jackets we offer are extremely easy to put on, so they will not be a problem even when dressing the most impatient pooch. You can be sure that your four-legged friend will love chilly and windy walks thanks to the dog jacket designed by Bowl&Bone Republic.