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Dog’s approach to food – picky or over eater

Dog owners often face many problems related to their pet’s eating habits. Unwillingness to eat or on the contrary, excessive dog appetite can be quite troublesome. We will try to discuss these issues and their potential solutions in greater detail.

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The picky eater

Reluctance to eating is a relatively common problem occurring among dogs. This situation usually applies to purebred miniature dogs. If the problem isn’t connected to the health of your pet, but only to his fussy approach to eating, it can be resolved.

We present a few solutions that will help you deal with your picky eater.

  • regular feeding routine

If we set specific feeding times and stick to this arrangement, the pet will quickly realize that only in these specific time frames he can expect some meal. Thus, he will be aware that by giving up his morning meal he will be forced to wait until noon for another portion of his food.

  • no more feeding between meals

Treating your dog with too many snacks may be a reason for him not wanting to eat regular meals. A dog that has just received a few tasty delicacies may not be able to eat further.

  • the right dog bowl

Choosing the right dog bowl is extremely important. Its size should be adapted to our pet. It may turn out that the problem is not lack of dog’s appetite, but a bowl that is too large, the capacity of which far exceeds the eating capacity of your dog. The dog bowl should be stable so that it does not move during eating. The ones made of real wood will work perfectly. In the Bowl&Bone Republic assortment, you can find hand-made dog bowls characterized by excellent workmanship. A perfectly matched bowl will provide the dog’s comfort of eating and perhaps change his attitude to meals.

  • physical activity

Increased amount of movement is a great way to increase the appetite of your dog. Physical activity improves the metabolism and, at the same time, energy deposits are burned, which should then be supplemented with food.

The over eater

The opposite of the picky eater is a four-legged over eater. His appetite is unacceptable, he asks for more even after just finishing his meal.

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How to deal with the problem of a dog-overeater:

  • boredom

Very often the cause of excessive interest in food is boredom. As a part of dealing with his free time, dog constantly looks into the bowl. Buying a new dog toy or playing sports together can be a simple solution to this problem.

  • the same portions, the same time

The way of feeding the pet should be carefully analysed. It will be more optimal to limit meals to 2 a day at stable times, with the same quantity than a few smaller ones at random times of the day. The dog will get used to eating regularly and won’t expect us to give him additional snacks in between.

  • stress and competition

Some dogs eat excessive amounts of food because of the fear of getting hungry. This behaviour is largely psychological and may be a trauma associated with staying at a shelter or other places where there were large number of dogs at the same time. An independent attempt to solve this problem is extremely difficult. In this case, it’s worth going to a dog psychologist.

When dog’s eating habits become a problem

We shouldn’t downplay the dog’s eating disorders. Both the constant appetite of the pooch and the long-term reluctance to eating may have tragic consequences. The constant change of those eating habits should be a signal to us that something is wrong with your dog.

If the above rules did not bring any improvement, it’s necessary to go to the specialist and ask for some additional help.

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