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Focus on Frenchies – The French Bulldog

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If you appreciate exceptionally playful and friendly dogs, living with a French Bulldog will bring you enormous joy. Frenchies are very devoted to their owners and they’re extremely easy to fall in love with. These dogs were made to have fun and spend time actively, however they should not be over exercised.
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French Bulldog — a short characteristic

French Bulldogs are the perfect companion dogs. Frenchies are attached to their owners and love spending time with them. Their character is cheerful and easy-going, making French Bulldogs feel very good at home and around children. The household members perceive them as very joyful pets with a positive attitude. They belong to the small dogs breed group.

History of the French Bulldog breed

The history of the representatives of this breed dates back to the middle of the 19th century, when dogs looking very similar to Frenchies appeared in France. A new breed known now as the French Bulldog was formed as a result of cross-breeding of different types of dogs, including the Pugs. These dogs became very popular in France at the time, quickly changing the dogs’ status – from the rodent exterminators, to the favourite companions of the Parisian bourgeoisie. In 1898, the breed standard for French Bulldog was officially established. World War II strongly reduced the population of Frenchies. Fortunately, breeders’ work through the years has helped to rebuild the multitude of the breed.

Frenchies appearance

French Bulldogs belong to the small dogs breed group. Their average height varies between 25-35 centimeters. Their head is in a shape similar to a square and it’s size is relatively adequate to the rest of the body. French Bulldogs are flat faced dogs with the pointy, rounded, medium-sized ears. The eyes of the breed are exceptionally large and expressive. Bulldogs’ tail is usually short and coiled. Their neck is relatively short, without a dewlap. French Bulldogs are small yet extremely muscular and strong looking dogs. Their paws are proportional to their body height. An average weight of Frenchies varies between 8–15 kilograms.

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A French Bulldog’s coat is short and smooth, although when touching it might feel a little stiff. We can distinguish French Bulldogs in four different colours: black and white, beige, black or brown.

French Bulldog temperament

First and foremost, dogs of this breed are considered extremely devoted pets. They find their owners very important, so they accompany them in every possible situation. Only when feeling their presence they can get the sense of comfort and security. Bulldogs are extremely emotional as well–they give love and affection to all family members. They’re very good around children thanks to their endless patience and good nature. Frenchies feel strongly attached to the family and responsible for its members.

Bulldogs love cuddling up and stroking – they are huge hug-lovers. Frenchies expect constant affection and often try to show devotion to their owners. They crave lots of attention from family members, expecting to spend all the time together. French Bulldogs are not very confident with strangers but they are not aggressive towards them. If a guest gains their trust, they will be willing to play together and be stroked.

Their personality is definitely easy-going and cheerful. They love playing together – it brings them enormous joy and satisfaction. Their favourite form of spending leisure time would be any activity with their owners. Regardless of whether it will be a fun game together or just a walk in the park – Frenchies feel the greatest satisfaction when they can spend time with their beloved ones.

This breed doesn’t require any particular housing conditions. French Bulldogs can feel great in the house or in a flat. Bulldogs are a quiet dog breed that barks very rarely – only in the specific situations. Therefore, French Bulldog is a great choice in the case of noise-sensitive neighbours.

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French Bulldog, when left home alone, is not very vigilant, yet he feels a lot of responsibility for the house. However, if he barks it’s a very clear signal that he’s very anxious. A great advantage of this breed is that Frenchies do not show a tendency to tear up the house when left alone. Destroying the household objects would be incompatible with their inner feeling of a strong attachment to the family members.

Health and care

Bulldogs’ specific skull construction causes some difficulties in the proper functioning of the respiratory system. This appears through snoring during sleep, but also panting and snuffling during intense physical effort or extremely high temperature. This is why, bulldogs should avoid midday sun on hot days. French Bulldogs tend to be greedy and often eat too fast taking too large bites. When we want to avoid choking, it’s a good idea to get for them small breed dog food.

The bulldogs’ wrinkles construction may cause water accumulation, which puts them at risk of developing infections. Therefore, we should take care of them regularly, preventing excessive moisture. This breed is well-known for its tendency to allergies and skin problems.

Proper grooming does not require much effort. Regular dog bathing and brushing are just enough to keep the coat in excellent condition. However, we must keep in mind that Frenchies hair is relatively short, so when the temperature drops, we should remember about the appropriate dog clothes. French Bulldogs are not really a cold-tolerant dog breed, therefore, on cooler days, products such as ASPEN dog sweaters by Bowl&Bone Republic, available in a wide range of colours -will work perfect for them.

Due to the tendency to overweight, Frenchies need to be given regular daily exercise and various physical activities, so they stay fit and healthy. Long, slow walks will definitely a better idea than running together or accompanying while riding a bike. Bulldogs usually can’t swim, so we should make sure to keep an eye on them when staying next to any water areas.

French Bulldogs accessories

Frenchies love playing with their owners. When deciding to buy dog toys, it’s a good idea to choose the ones that will let you have a lot of fun together. The best example can be dog toys by Bowl&Bone Republic, which are perfect for the dog to play all by himself but also for spending time with his beloved human friend.

French Bulldogs are a sleepy-head kind of dogs. A good, comfortable dog bed will bring them plenty of joy! Therefore, we should pay extra attention when buying a cosy bedding. When choosing a dog bed for this breed – it’s filling is especially important. We should make sure that the insert of this particular dog bed is hypoallergenic. When looking for the right bed for French Bulldog, check out the URBAN or CLASSIC lines of dog beds by Bowl&Bone Republic.

The right dog bowl for French Bulldog should be large enough to fit his entire square-shaped head, so that our dog can easily reach his food. The most optimal choice will be a relatively big, but not too deep dog bowl.

French Bulldogs can wear both dog harness and collars. There are no medical contraindications to use any of these solutions. However, the fabric of the product is extremely important. Poor quality material of the collar or harness can cause hair loss in the area around dog’s neck.

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