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Frequently repeated myths about dogs

Stereotypes about dogs are quite a large group of theories. So how do you find yourself in the rush of these misguided theories?
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Myths about dogs

The dog has been an inseparable part of human life since the dawn of time. Quadrupeds have been with us for thousands of years. They are our best friends and companions in good and bad times. The constant presence of the dog in human life meant that our knowledge about this species of mammals has significantly increased. We perfectly know the needs of dogs, their preferences and habits in everyday life.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, many often reproduced theories about dogs have become myths far from the truth. So how not to be fooled by widely-held claims and be guided only by rational opinions?

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I will present you some of the most commonly reproduced myths about dogs and explain why you shouldn’t bother with them.

– Black palate – caution bad dog!

This is one of the most commonly reproduced myths about pooches. According to this theory, a dark palate means that the pooch has a bad character and, in turn, a pink one is good.

However, it has no confirmation in the form of tests or opinions of veterinarians. With the palate, the situation is similar to that of the coat or eye. Their colour does not affect the character of the pooch in any way, and even less the level of his aggression.

Therefore, if you ever hear that a pooch with a dark palate should be approached cautiously and keep his distance, remember that this is only a senselessly reproduced myth.

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– like a dog with a cat

The relationship between a dog and a cat is usually assessed as quite cool, or even hostile. Do dogs really have hatred of these downy quadrupeds in their genes? This is not necessarily true.

In principle, conflicts arising between a cat and a dog result from a lack of mutual understanding. These animals in their own group communicate with each other in their individual way, which is incomprehensible to the other party. Dogs are often just not able to interpret the cat’s behaviour correctly. They receive signals incorrectly, which in most cases leads to conflicts.

Confirmation of the unfairness of this often repeated stereotype is the relationship between a dog and a cat that have the opportunity to grow up and grow up together. Then we can perfectly see that these two species of animals can easily lead a peaceful life in one home.

What’s more, in such a situation, often the dog and cat become the best friends. So, as you can see, it’s not like one of the dog’s characters traits is an inborn aversion to cats. Dogs just don’t understand them. Besides, cats’ behaviour often further fuels emerging conflict through rapid flight or other violent behaviour. Dogs, as we know, have an inborn hunting instinct, so in their opinion, they have nothing else to do but chase the escaping prey.

– a dog’s dry nose means a disease

One of the most frequently analyzed symptoms of potential disease in a dog is the dry nose. There is a widespread belief that this is a sure sign of deterioration of the pet’s health. Nothing could be more wrong.

There can be many causes that affect the dry nose of a dog. It is, for example, high air temperature, strong wind or active air conditioning in the vicinity of which the pooch stayed for a long time.

Dryness and humidity of the dog’s nose change even several times a day. If you are concerned about the poison’s health, it will definitely be more reliable to check his body temperature. It should not be higher than 38.5 ° C and not lower than 37.5 ° C. Only a deviation from these values is a reliable indicator of the poorer’s deterioration.

– is the dog waging a tail happy?

For most of us, the image of a pooch wagging a tail is synonymous with joy and a positive attitude of a quadruped. However, this is not an iron rule. There are situations where tail wagging can mean something completely different.

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So how do you recognize a dog’s intentions? First of all, it is necessary to take into account the behaviour of the entire body of the pet. If he wags his tail at the same time standing in one position, with a stiff torso and closed mouth, it is a sign that something is wrong. Doggy is clearly worried about the situation he is in, he feels anxiety and discomfort.

Dogs wag their tail also when they want to spread their smell to make it more noticeable.

Refuting this stereotype is very important. Incorrect reading of the pooch’s attitude in a given situation may cause that the dog may behave aggressively, thus wanting to emphasize the impassability of his comfort zone.

– dog’s saliva heals is a dangerous myth

Certainly, you have often heard about the wonderful properties of dog saliva. This is partly true.

Dog saliva contains disinfectant substances but also has viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Therefore, we should not let the pooch lick his own or our wounds. Propagating this myth can lead to infection in a sick place. If our dog gets hurt, then we should under no circumstances be guided by the conviction that the pet can cope alone.

In such a situation, as soon as possible go with the quadruped to the vet and ask for disinfection and dressing the wound.

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Do not believe in stereotype about dogs

Pervasive myths about dogs are not a new phenomenon. However, many of them, thanks to the growing awareness of people and easy access to knowledge in the field of biology and functioning of organisms, have been overthrown.

Unfortunately, stereotypes have been and will continue to accompany humanity for many years to come. Therefore, it is worth being aware of which theories are true and in which the rightness seems to be somewhat drawn.

And what myths about dogs have you encountered?

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