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Games you can play with a dog at home

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Playing with the dog at home

Having fun together with pooch outdoors is one of my favourite forms of spending free time with my pet. Our favourite activity is fetching and wrestling. During warm summer evenings, we also like to run together along the shore of a nearby lake.

Unfortunately, when the days get shorter and the temperature does not encourage long walks, we spend a significant part of our free time at home. Once, the time of autumn and winter meant for me the moment when we primarily spend time sitting on the sofa and eating our favourite delicacies. In my case they are wafers, but my pet likes beef dog flavours.

One winter afternoon I decided that it was time to stop this lazy time and do something that both I and my pet would make a lot of fun. So, the time for us to play together at home began.

What can you play with your dog at home?

In the beginning, pay attention to the fact that regardless of whether you’re playing outside or at home, your pet’s preferences and temperament remain the same. Hence, if the pooch does not like some game that you have repeatedly tried to convince him during walks together, then there is a high probability that his “home variety” will also not appeal to him.

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When choosing a game, think about whether it will be suitable for your doggy. Playing with the dog at home can be very interesting. You will certainly find something for you two.

Playing hide and seek with a dog

All kind of exploration/searching is fun that almost all pooches certainly love. You can perform this kind of fun in two ways.

The first way to play this game with your doggy is to ask pooch to find family members. Find a hideout that is accessible to the pooch and call him. The pet’s task will be to find the place where you hid by following your voice or smell. If you want to involve the pooch more in this task, you can reward him with a treat when he manages to locate the person sought. The “stay” command will be very useful in this game. If your dog doesn’t know it yet, read the entry – How to teach a dog stay commands – where I explained how you can teach it your dog easily.

The second way you can play hide and seek game is to hide your favourite pooch toy. Give your pet a mascot to sniff so that he can remember his smell, and then hide it in the room. It is important that the dog does not witness your hideout. The dog’s task will be to find his favourite toy. It is important to choose one that the pooch knows well and is close to. This will make it easier for him to find it.

Wrestling and dragging with a dog

Dogs love games, during which they can show their strength. That is why I highly recommend you wrestling with your pet.

For this activity, you will need a toy that was created, among others, with a focus on dragging and pulling. Such accessories are much more durable. That is why all kinds of chew toys and rope toys will work best for this game. Personally, I recommend BULLET dog toy from Bowl&Bone Republic. They are made of very durable rope thanks to which they will give the dog great fun for a long time.

Stretching is one of my pooch’s favourite games. It’s based on very simple rules. Together with your pet, you wrestle about who will get the toy.

Remember, however, that it should be only fun! Do not use all your strength to drag the toy to your side at all costs. Note that the pet certainly does not use its full potential strength as well.

You hide and the pooch is looking for treats

Probably every pooch will enjoy the fun of searching for favourite treats. It is a doubly pleasant way to spend time. Not only that he has the opportunity to spend a good time together with his guardian and his favourite delicacies are also waiting for him as well. So what is this fun about?

Your task is to hide the dog’s favourite delicacy, however, so that it has easy access to the hideout, e.g. under a small pile of toys. You can also wrap a treat in a pooch blanket so that he has to dig up for the prize.

Remember to use only healthy delicacies, preferably made of 100% natural ingredients. If you are not sure about the origin of treats, you can always make them yourself 🙂 It is not difficult at all – in post – How to make dried treats for a dog – I told you step by step how you can easily prepare them.


This is probably one of the most popular games with a four-legged friend. It is about throwing a pooch toy, and pet’s task is to bring it back to you. Although this game is very simple. It guarantees you that it will bring your pooch a lot of joy and satisfaction.

It is true that fetching in the open air gives you the greatest room for manoeuvre. Nevertheless, at home, it is also a way to spend time pleasantly and actively with your pet. Here it is also worth noting one difference. Playing in the fresh air, you can throw a lot of different items to your pooch: both soft and hard, including sticks.

At home, soft objects will work better – for obvious reasons 🙂 If the object – the throwing toy has irregular shapes, this is an additional plus. Then pooch has no problem to catch and bring it to you easily.

Obstacle course for your pet

Building an interesting obstacle course for your pet is a real challenge. It’s fun that requires a little more creativity and commitment from you.

You can use chairs, table, piles of pillows, your options are endless. The pooch’s task will be to overcome the obstacle course with your help and tips. Don’t forget to give him a reward at the successful end!

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Free time with a dog at home

Playing with a dog at home does not have to be boring. What’s more, together with the pooch you have a lot of opportunities to spend your free time very interesting. You can diversify each of the games I presented in many ways. Observe the dog’s behaviour and remember what kind of play gives him the greatest joy. If one does not suit him, try the next one.

Or maybe you know the game that was not mentioned in this post? If so, be sure to tell me about it. Have a nice play with your doggy!


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