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Holiday with a dog

When summer comes and the longed-for days off are already here, we all start to think about going for a dream holidays. It’s time to face the new challenge and plan the travel, that will make each of our family members as satisfied as possible. If one of our family members is a dog, we absolutely can’t forget about him when making our holiday schedule!

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The basic question that we have to answer in the first place is whether we are willing to take our dog with us. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. In that case, we can use one of the numerous dog hotels. We also can hopefully get some help from our friends or family.

However, if we have a choice, it’s definitely a great opportunity to spend quality time with our beloved dog. It can certainly bring him plenty of benefits. Starting from the fact that he will not need to be exposed to the huge stress caused by the separation. After all, dogs are herd animals and the unexpected absence of their “herd” members is always stressful. Moreover, when taking our dog for holidays, we put him in front of new challenges such as meeting new people, getting to know other animals, discovering places, smells, facing unusual situations and so on. It can make him braver and more confident. What’s the most important part about it – he will share the entire experience with us. It is great way to strengthen the bond between us and our dog.

Luckily, there are more and more places (in Poland and abroad) offering dog-friendly holidays. There are even special websites where we can find only that kind of offers. And since we’ve found the right destination, we can finally start preparing for the trip.

Things to remember before leaving

First of all, our dog must be healthy, vaccinated and prepared for thee meeting of all kinds of parasites during the trip. We should take with us his health record book and/or his passport. If we’re planning on going abroad, we need to get to know all the rules prevailing in the country of our destination.

We might be obliged to make the required medical examination. There might be even the need to put our dog into a quarantine. In addition, it’s a good idea to make sure if there is any veterinary clinic near to our holiday spot – in case of any unexpected problems.

When leaving for holidays with our dog it’s necessary to microchip him and attach to his collar or harness the identification tag with information about our addressee and telephone number. We wouldn’t like to turn the holiday adventure into a holiday nightmare, would we?

If we’re planning to use the public transport, we should first get to know whether the particular transport company has any requirements and restrictions for animals. It may be necessary to use a muzzle or a special pet carrier.

We should also take care of our buddy when travelling by car. There’re various dog accessories available that we can be useful on the road – they might help to keep our dog safe in case of an accident or a sudden braking situation. Another important thing to remember during a road trip is to take regular bathroom breaks and let our dog stretch his legs every couple of hours.

Very important advice is never to leave the dog alone in the car. Especially on hot days. The temperature in a locked car is growing very rapidly. Unfortunately, it might cause a heat stroke that might even lead to the death.

What to take with you

When packing the suitcases, we need to save some space for the dog’s equipment. Check the items below off of your packing list.

  • harness or collar with a leash

First of all, we should pack a comfortable harness with a leash. Dog accessories can’t restrict movement, must be easy to put on. They should ensure the safeness of our buddy –  just like for example the harness and leash set ACTIVE with the reflective elements for additional security.

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  • dog food and treats

Dog food and treats are very important on the road as well. It’s a good idea to bring some food that our dog eats every day at home. A sudden change in diet may cause gastric problems, which we all would probably prefer to avoid.

  • drinking water

We can’t forget to take a bottle of water and a dog bowl. They will be useful when driving a car or walking in the forest. The proper body hydration is crucial for every dog, especially on warm summer days.

  • dog travel bed

The next thing we need to think about when planning holidays is a dog bed. Usually the bedding is heavy and takes up a lot of space, but it’s a good idea to bring with us something that our pet knows, so it can help him feel like home. Our dog’s favourite item such as ZEN dog blanket for example, will be just perfect. It will work for the car, in the hotel room, as well as in the meadow or on the beach. If we’re planning on long distance walks–than a portable dog mat will also do the job.

  • keeping it clean

There is one very necessary thing that we usually forget about when making a packing lists. Dog waste bags and other cleaning tools are must-have dog travel accessories. Remember that cleaning is our responsibility not only in our own place, but also during every holiday trip.

  • dog hygiene

Basic dog grooming accessories can be useful as well. We might need a brush for long-haired dogs and a towel – in case our dog gets the chance to take a bath.

It’s a good idea to bring a basic first aid kit to every trip. It can be helpful for us and our pets, although of course, it’s better if we don’t need to use this kind of equipment and it stays in our suitcase for the entire trip.

The last thing on our holiday check list is a dog toys. It may seem to be unnecessary baggage at first glance, but it fulfil a very important function during every trip, just like the dog bed. Taking at least one favourite toy of our dog will be just enough for us to have some very enjoyable, active time with our four-legged companion.

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A very good choice for holidays will be all kinds of floating dog toys. The most practical are the items in bright colours, so they’re easy to find on sand or in the grass – such us BULLET dog toy, for instance.

When everything is ready and packed, all we have to do is leave the house and start a stress-free, dream holiday with our family and man’s best friend – our beloved dog.

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