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How does dog choose his guardian?

What character traits make a dog perceive someone as his authority?
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How a puppy chooses his master

Searching for authority in our lives, we are guided primarily by values that are extremely important to us. A person who in our eyes becomes a role model is a kind of precursor to many of our behaviours and decisions.

Dogs, as well as people, are looking for someone in their lives who will be an authority for them. Of course, the most desirable option is when the pooch chooses his main guardian as his master. Then the process of socialization and raising a dog will be facilitated for such a person because the pet will be fully focused on him.

What’s more, the pooch always tries to please his master by acting in such a way that he is completely satisfied.

So how does a puppy choose you?

The answer to this question is not clear. However, we can consider character traits that are desirable and valued in the eyes of the pooch.

Be a role model for your dog

Being a model for your pet is very important because then the pooch feels who is in charge, he is more obedient and willing to follow orders. Otherwise, if the pooch doesn’t see you as his leader, you can quite well see his less involved in following the rules.

So if you want to be fully respected by the pooch, you must make him perceive your person as his leader. So what is worth paying attention to?

– If the pooch does not comply with your repeated command, start ignoring him. For your puppy dog-guardian contact is very important. If your pet notices that when he does not obey your commands will result in your reluctance to play together, he will take it as a serious punishment. Try to keep this attitude for as long time as your dog understands what is the reason for this behaviour.

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– Take care of your daily schedule. Dog likes routine and constancy of everyday activities. For example, walk at as constant times of the day as possible builds stability. They perceive it as ensuring security and order. If the dog is aware that you set the order of his day, he will perceive you as a decision-maker and the highest person in the home hierarchy. It will be a solid basis for the pet to see in you a person who is especially respected in his eyes.

– By teaching your pet new skills, you strengthen his respect for you. Educating a pooch is very important for his proper development, as well as forming his character and perception of the world. What’s more, the dog by following your instructions subconsciously accepts that it is you who give instructions that his task is to implement. So that way you become his natural role model.

– Be consistent in everyday life. The dog must feel that you are not submissive, and attempts to convince you to change your mind are ineffective. The quadruped’s begging eyes are certainly one of the most touching and moving views, but you can’t give up then. Doggy will respect you only if he is aware of your strong character. Submission means that for a pet you will not become an authority, but only a nice person who can convince you to his point.

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– If you want a pooch to respect you, you must treat him in the same way. Dogs are very smart animals. They will realize very quickly if you try to treat them wrong. Respect the pet’s needs, do not underestimate his value. Show him that he is important to you and you respect his choices. Do not impose preferences on him if they do conflict with your behaviour and behaviour towards others.

– Look after your pet’s welfare. If the dog will feel that you want the best for him, he will know that he always has support in you. The awareness that whatever happens can count on your help is invaluable. The dog wants to feel that you are the person who always wants the best for him.

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How to get puppy authority

When the puppy appears in a new family, he unconsciously looks for a person who will replace his mother from now on. This does not mean that, apart from this selected one, the other household members will be completely indifferent to him. However, every pooch chooses someone to treat as his main guardian.

How does the puppy choose you? First of all, he is looking for a person who will be fully open to him and ready to help him in any situation. Dogs especially value self-confidence and firmness. Wanting to be sure that they will have someone to look for help in bad times.

Of course, a lot depends also on the dog’s internal needs. Not every dog ​​will look for firmness and charisma in his guardian. Some dogs will definitely appreciate warmth and kindness. Therefore, we can not predict in advance what the dog is really looking for at his guardian.

One can be certain. Every puppy certainly needs a lot of love and care.

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