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How to choose the right dog clothes?

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When it gets windy, rainy and unpleasant outside, we all go through our closets, searching for warm clothes that can keep us from freezing. During the cold days, we should think about our dogs too. Obviously, there are breeds that deal well with bad weather conditions, and even can feel much better on winter days than during the summer heat. However, if you are the owner of a typical chilly dog, you must remember to provide him with a warm dog clothes on cold days.

picking dog clothes

A lot of people still believe that dressing dogs is just a human fad, but it’s important to realize that for a pet spending most of his time in a warm apartment, it’s difficult to adapt to changing conditions outside. The situation is different with the outdoor dog, that is used to stay out the whole day and his body will protect himself from the cold, mainly due to the proper amount of body fat and thick fur. We certainly should not dress such dogs. All of the other dogs, especially those with short hair, older or sick –might benefit from wearing some warm clothing before going out for a walk.


If we have decided that our four-pawed friend needs dog clothes for the winter walks, we should still think about the type of dog suit that is going to be the best for our pet. There’re many factors that we should take under consideration: the atmospheric conditions, our dog’s activity level, his temperament, age and length of his hair.

On the dog accessories market, dog clothes segment is becoming more and more relevant. Nowadays you can pick the perfect product from thousands of options. However, we must think primarily about the comfort of our pooch. Dog clothes, besides the frost or rain protection, should also allow our dog to move freely, so that going out for a walk remains a huge pleasure.

The basic types of dog clothes available in stores are:

made of knitted fabric, available in the version with turtleneck. They provide warmth, but don’t actually protect against strong wind and moisture. Dog sweaters usually have a head-hole to put them on. We often use dog sweaters during the first cold days or when we see our dog freezing and shaking at home. A high- quality dog sweater should contain the natural wool, and have the cut that provides comfort and does not restrict pet’s movement. An example of such a dog cloth is ASPEN dog sweater.

can be made from fleece, but usually they have several-layers and are the combination of the warm material and some water-resistant fabric, such as polyamide. They can additionally have a hood, however, it is more of a visual than a practical element.

When it comes to dog clothes, there are many fastening systems to choose from (including snap buttons, Velcro straps, zippers) –it’s a good idea to pay attention to that details. If we choose the right product for our pet, it can make dressing our dog much easier.

Dog jacket is the warmest solution among all the dog clothes. It protects against wind and frost, as well as the rain or snow. Dog jackets are the best choice for active dogs, that like long winter walks or love playing in the snow.

is made mostly of cotton knitted fabric. Just like sweaters, dog hoodies are good idea for the transitional periods (spring/autumn), when it’s cold outside. They provide the greatest comfort and freedom of movement because they do not stick so close to the dog’s body as dog jackets or sweaters. Often they do not cover the entire back of the dog and end right behind the kidneys. In addition, dog hoodie ensure our dog not only with the warmth and comfort, but also gives him a fashionable look thanks to various designer accessories such as writings, patches or embroidery. Our unique and stylish dog hoodie CLOUD is exactly like that.


When we have already decided, what type of dog clothes we are looking for, it’s time to choose the right size. This is a key issue –even perfectly tailored clothes, when they are not fitting well can bring pain and discomfort to our dog.

how to buy pet clothes

The best idea is to go shopping with our pooch. If he can try on the particular outfit or simply check out different styles of dog clothes. In this way you can immediately see whether it fits well with your dog and if he feels good wearing that particular item. However, if you don’t have possibility like that, you should carefully make measurements of your dog’s body at home. In this way you can compare them with the sizing chart of a particular clothes manufacturer.

The most important dimensions when buying dog clothes:

  • length of the back — the length of your dog’s body between the base of the neck and beginning of the tail
  • chest girth — the widest point of the rib cage, usually about 1-2cm behind the front paws
  • neck girth — measured at the bottom of the neck

We should remember that some breeds have completely different body proportions than other dogs, and in some cases, it’s a good idea to look for clothes dedicated especially for this particular breed or find a company that offers tailor-made dog clothes. In general, each dog is different, and we should treat each one individually. We can also ask the experienced shop assistant for a piece of advice, if we have any problems with picking the right size.


Currently, on the dog accessories market, among many types of dog clothes, we can find plenty of interesting solutions. It turns out that dog clothes do not necessarily have to protect against cold.

Some dog clothes might have just a decorative function and are more useful to the owners who like to stand out with their dogs, than to their pets. These include, for example, all kinds of dresses, t-shirts, hats and scarves. The only exception are the hairless dogs, because their skin is exposed to sunburn in the summer. For breeds like that, wearing a thin, breathable t-shirt in the summer can be quite beneficial.

However, there’re many dog clothes with useful functions, such as: special panties for bitches in heat, reflective dog vests for dogs that walk next to busy streets in the evenings, bathrobes that help to quickly dry the dog after bathing, or anti-slip dog socks to prevent from slipping on the floor.

It’s also good to know that there’re special dog paw protectors for wounded paws. What’s more, we can buy winter dog boots that help to protect sensitive paw pads from irritation caused by the salt-strewn pavement. It may also be useful to wear a dog raincoat that keeps his fur dry on rainy days (especially for long-haired breeds) or a special dog life jacket if we are planning a vacation by the water or a boat trip with our pet.

As you can see there’re many ideas and solutions, when it comes to dog clothes. The most important thing to remember if we want to put anything on our dog (even a normal collar or harness) is to get him used to a new situation and new item. The best idea is to start using dog clothes, when our pet is still a puppy and make it a form of play. In this way he will not associate it with any discomfort or pain.

Any older dog, ​​when we try to dress him for the very first time, will get stressed – even the process of putting clothes on can be something strange and stressful. He may try hard to take it off or on the other hand, he might stand still and won’t make even the smallest step. You should get make him familiar with wearing dog clothes step by step. Don’t forget to reward your doggy when he behaves well.

It is also important to choose the dog clothes that are easy to put on and fasten –for you and for your dog. You should pay attention to the item’s fabrics (some dogs can get allergic just like people), methods of cleaning and maintenance, and whether it contains elements that our dog can easily destroy or bite off.

Finally, it’s a good idea to choose the dog clothes that combine functionality and comfort with a fashionable and stylish look. When the new dog suit appeals to both: the dog and its owner, then they can know for sure that the winter walks will be a great pleasure for both of them.

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Author: Klaudia, author and a great dog lover
The doggy by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and see each new day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. Searching for my soul mate, I found her in dogs' wise eyes.

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