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How to choose the right dog collar

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Do you have to choose a dog collar and don't know what to look for? What you should remember first of all are the quality of workmanship and the right size.
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Dog collar

One of the most important elements of your pet’s layette is harness for your pooch or your four-legged friend’s dog collar. When you decide, for particular reasons for the second option, you need to pay special attention to properly selected right collar for your pet.

The dog collar must not only have a good length for him but also the width and several smaller often underlooked aspects. The basis of successful walks with your pet is a collar, which is primarily comfortable to wear, in no way restricts the pooch’s movements.

If you want to find the perfect model and size for your pet, all you have to do is pay attention to some important issues. Which one? Don’t worry, I have some tips for you that will help you with this task.

A perfect collar for your dog

If you are just starting the adventure with completing the layette for the pooch, do not be afraid of the multitude of available dog accessories. Most of them were created with a specific purpose and manner of use in everyday life in mind. Knowing the needs and expectations of your pet, you will definitely find the perfect collar.

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What material proper collar should be made of

The material has a huge impact on the comfort of the collar wearing. First of all, it should be of the highest quality. The collar is in constant contact with the pooch’s skin. Every day while walking together, the dog has it around his neck.

The material on the inside of the collar should be soft and pleasant to the touch. At the same time, the entire collar must be durable enough not to allow it to break during the walk with the pooch.

The ease of cleaning the material is also an important issue. All dog accessories, including collars, should be kept clean to ensure proper hygiene of the pet.

In winter you should avoid collars made of many metal elements. During cold weather, this material takes over the temperature from the environment, which, when in contact with the pooch’s skin, could cause great discomfort.

If your four-legged friend is one of the exceptionally small dogs, make sure that the collar will not be too heavy for him. The dog should have complete freedom of movement when walking, running or playing.

Collar fastening comfortable for everyday use

Dog collars usually differ in two types of fastening. The first one is based on a similar construction as it is in the case of a regular belt. The collar has metal buckles and a series of holes that allow free adjustment of the circumference.

The second option is fastened not with a buckle, but with a latch, usually made of plastic. The advantage of this type of solution is freedom of adjustment – however, usually to a small extent – and easy fastening. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that this type of fastening is, in effect, a bit more emergency than a traditional buckle.

Perfect for small and calm dogs. However, when our pet is more lively and temperamental, there is a risk of a latch cracking or breaking.

When choosing dog collars, choose the buckle which will keep your dog safe. Remember that very important is the comfort of the quadruped but also the safety of the pet.

Half clamp collar – intended use and functions 

What is a half-clamp collar? It aims to respond to pooch movement. When the pooch moves calmly during the walk, the collar is relatively loose.

However, when the dog starts thrashing or jerking violently while trying to break off the leash, the collar tightens, thus preventing the pointer from slipping off the neck.

This type of collar is often used when learning to walk on a leash, especially when the pooch is very demanding at first, and learning is not easy for him.

Does the half-clamp collar make sense for dogs that have no problems with the correct behaviour on a walk? Generally not, if the pooch behaves within the normal limits during the joint walks, the half-clamp collar will not fulfil its role. However, wearing it, in this case, will not be uncomfortable or restrictive for the pooch.

How to choose the dog collar right size

An important feature of a perfectly selected dog collar is its cut, material but not only. A well-fitting size is crucial for the dog’s freedom and comfort during walks.

How should you choose the right dog collar? First of all, it should be tight enough that the pooch could not take it off his neck by himself. At the same time, the collar should not be too tight because, as a result, it will cause great discomfort to the pooch when wearing it.

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So how do you find the middle ground between both guidelines? Measure the dog’s neck circumference and add an additional 2 cm to this measurement. If you want to make sure that the collar is well-fitted, check if you can fit two fingers between the collar and the pet’s neck.

In addition to the appropriate length of the collar, its width is no less important. In this case, much depends on the size of the pooch. Large dogs should not have a too narrow collar as it can stick to their necks. In turn, small dogs may not feel too comfortable when their collar is too wide.

Collars with additional function

In addition to the standard collar model designed to easily attach a leash, there are also variants that meet other additional functions on the market. An example is a dog collar made of reflective material. It is designed to increase the safety of the pooch during evening walks.

One type of collar is to protect the pooch against parasites. The material from which it is made contains a substance that repels unwanted insects.

Now you know how to choose nice collar for your dog

When choosing a collar, pay attention to its size, material, as well as its durability and solidity. In addition, you should opt for collars with a stylish and thoughtful cut.

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Our dogs also deserve to look fashionable. Choosing collars made of the highest quality materials, you are sure that it will serve our pet for a longer time.

If you are looking for a dog collar that will be not only stylish but also comfortable to wear, check what the Bowl&Bone Republic brand has to offer. Your dog deserves the best.

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