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How to take care of our dog’s hair?

Our dog’s coat is a layer that protects his skin, and a barrier that separates him from external threats. This is why taking care of dog’s hair condition is so extremely important. Our pet is not able to take care of the proper cleanliness and hygiene of his coat himself. The proper care will help us to keep his hair healthy and beautiful. If we want our dog to be soft and fluffy to the touch, we have to take the comprehensive care of his hair. Not only by the use of proper cosmetics, but also from the inside –by implementing the right diet.

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What to pay attention to

  • Appropriate diet for dogs

The diet of our dog can have a direct influence on his hair condition. A well-balanced dog food is crucial to keep his coat in a good condition, and nutrient-dense meals are the basis that will help our dog stay healthy. If we notice that our pet’s coat has become less soft or shiny, the reason for that might be a poor quality dog food. Therefore, before reaching for special cosmetics, let’s make sure whether our dog’s diet is rich in all the necessary ingredients. It’s a good idea to consult a vet in this matter.

  • Brushing a dog coat

A regular brushing is the basis for keeping the proper hygiene of the coat. It’s important to do it properly and systematically. The frequency of brushing a pet is a very individual matter, depending mainly on the type of dog’s coat. Short-haired dogs require much less attention than the long-haired ones that might need a brush every day. W should pay special attention to sensitive places where the hair is very likely to tangle, such as paws, snout or ears. It’s a good idea to buy a comb or brush designed for dog care. It’s important that dog brush has two types of teeth, denser and thin ones, preferably finished with small balls.

  • Choosing the right dog cosmetics

Currently, we can find many cosmetics intended for dog hair on the market. Before choosing specific beauty products, we should consider our dog’ biggest needs. If his coat is in a very good condition, we don’t need to over-burden it with masks or oils. In such cases, the proper dog shampoo and conditioner will be definitely enough.

However, if the dog’s coat has lost its healthy glow, we can reach for professional dog cosmetics. With some dog breeds there can appear hair discolourations in the area around their eyes or snouts. There are special cosmetics for problems like that e.g. gel products with the brightening effect. The best brushing technique for dogs with a very knotted hair is to use a special spray conditioner.

How should I brush my dog?

In the first place, we should brush the dog hair on the entire body using a tool with a wider teeth and then use a dense comb to brush the tangled areas. Dogs are not always happy with the grooming process. For some of them, brushing is very relaxing and comfortable. However, it might be almost a traumatic experience for the other ones, so in this case keeping your dog calm and easy is very important.

A good idea is to ask the other person for the help and entertain our dog while we are brushing his hair. You should not try our dog’s patience too much. Perhaps in the case of very matted pieces of hair, cutting them off will be a better solution than trying to brush them out by force.

Visiting the dog groomer

Not every dog requires regular visits to the grooming salon. Groomer’s job is to take the comprehensive care of our pet’s hair, which is not only cutting his coat. In the groomer salon our dog’s hair will be trimmed, brushed and styled. Additionally, it’s also possible to do other beauty treatments using specialized dog cosmetics and accessories.

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Healthy and shiny coat says a lot about the dog his health. Taking care of dog’s hair requires a little patience and the right approach. Unfortunately, some beauty treatments that we serve to the dog’s fur are not making them happy, but we must remember that we do it for the sake of our beloved pets. Taking the proper care of their hair will make it hard for us to resist hugging our fluffy friend each time we can.

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