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MONACO chocolate

Bowl&Bone Republic, as a European premium brand of dog accessories, always strives to ensure that its products for dogs perfectly meet their needs. We also care about the satisfaction of dog owners and promote their daily care for their pets.

It is with dog owners in mind that MONACO chocolate keychains were designed and minimalist in their form. Made of Italian, natural leather in combination with an elegant clasp create a unique set that will surely appeal to design fans.


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Keyring MONACO chocolate
– a classic choice for years

Each walk is a lot of joy for dogs and an opportunity to discover new places, make friends with other pets, and strengthen relationships with their owners. No wonder then that they start wagging their tails happily when they see the collar and lead. However, each going outside requires proper preparation from the guardians.

With the help of the MONACO keychain and the MONACO collar, you can reduce the time needed to organize a walk to the absolute minimum. How is it possible? You will have all the necessary accessories at hand! So, dress your pooch in a dark brown MONACO collar, take a keychain with keys and go explore the world.

Made in EU European Design Premium Quality

In addition to functionality, the MONACO keyring can also boast a unique design. A minimalist form, simple stitching, a combination of dark brown smooth leather with a warm shade of dark brown Alcantara create an exceptionally designer combination.

Importantly, the MONACO pendant fits perfectly with the MONACO collar made of the same leather and the same colour. So you can be sure that with the help of the MONACO chocolate keychain and collar, every walk with your pooch will be extremely stylish and elegant!

By choosing premium dog accessories with a consistent style, you can be sure that you and your pooch are creating a perfectly harmonious pair, which will certainly not escape the attention of passers-by!

A keychain for a dog guardian
MONACO in a dark shade of brown

The MONACO keyring has been designed by Bowl&Bone Republic designers with the everyday comfort of their pets’ guardians in mind. For their production, we used natural Italian leather, which, combined with high-quality fittings, makes an extremely designer set.

The MONACO chocolate keychain creates a unique duo with the MONACO collar of the same colour. We guarantee that with such accessories you will look elegant and fashionable with your pet, regardless of the prevailing trends.

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The classic, simple form and the beautiful dark brown colour of the MONACO pendant will surely appeal to the owners of breeds such as Maltese, York, Cavaliers, Cocker and Springer Spaniel, Jack Russells, Vizslas, Schnauzer, or Dalmatian.

The minimalist form gives the keychain a timeless elegance The high-quality materials used for its production are a guarantee of satisfaction with its use for many years for all connoisseurs of designer accessories for dogs.

Note that you can order the MONACO chocolate keychain complete with a perfectly matching collar for your doggy of the same style and colour! This way, you can be sure that during any walk you will not forget your keys, your home will remain safe, and you will look exceptionally elegant with your pet.

Keyring MONACO in a chocolate colour
is easy to keep clean

The unique design, minimalist form, and functionality are not all the advantages of the MONACO chocolate keychain. Made of natural leather makes it a durable product that will serve you for many years. It is enough to remember that the MONACO pendant in chocolate colour should not be placed to get too much sunlight and heating. Contact with water should also be avoided.

Light dirt on the MONACO keyring can be quickly and easily removed with a damp cloth. It is a good idea to leave a cleaned key ring until it is completely dry at room temperature.

It is also recommended to perform regular maintenance procedures using a paste or cream intended for natural leather. It should be remembered that the colour of the agent used to preserve the leather part of the keychain should be the same as its colour.

In the case of persistent dirt, we recommend cleaning the MONACO chocolate keyring by companies specializing in the care of natural leather. This way you can be sure that the MONACO keychain will keep its original brown colour for a long time.

The MONACO keyring is also available in other colours: chocolate and claret. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bowl&Bone Republic consultants.

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