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Offended dog – how to deal with that issue

An offended pooch - although he usually looks very cute, he really needs our attention.
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Offended dog

Surely, being the owner of a quadruped, you have often noticed that your pet ostentatiously decided to act offended. Is that right?

Although the whole situation seems to be a bit funny, I assure you that the pooch doesn’t do it without a reason. There can be many reasons for such behavior, many of which you may not even expect.

It is important to react to the offended dog appropriately with a desire to alleviate the conflict that arose between you. Regaining the sympathy of an offended quadruped is not difficult, but you should proceed in such a way that the pet forgets about the trauma hidden inside.

The relationship between the guardian and his pooch is very important.  You should care about this special bond and work on it both in good and bad times.

How to recognize that a dog is offended

There are some of the most common pooch’s behaviours showing that he is offended at us.

First of all, he will try to ignore you. What’s more, if you talk to him, your pet will look away. If possible, he will try not to look your way.

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Under no circumstances, he doesn’t want to approach you. He certainly won’t come when you call him. The offended dog will spend time alone, playing or resting. Your encouragement to play together go unnoticed for sure.

The offended dog displays all these behaviours at the same time. It is unlikely that your pet is angry with you just a little. Therefore, you will certainly not miss the signs when your four-legged friend decides to show you that he is offended.

Why the dog took offence at me

Dogs can often be offended in a situation that in your eyes does not seem to be conflicting in any way. It is therefore easy to unconsciously create situation which is perceived by the pooch as unfair.

Dog spends too much time alone

One of the most recurring reasons a pooch may feel offended is a situation when you leave him under the care of someone else while you are away from home for a long time.

Dogs are very attached to their guardians. If possible, they want to spend every spare moment with them. That’s why your pet can’t understand why you might want to go anywhere without taking him with you.

Even if you leave him under the perfect care of a person who the pooch knows very well, there is still a high probability that you will find a pooch hiding resentment after your returning.

How to deal with this? Of course, the best solution would be to take the pooch with you on every trip. However, everyone should be well aware that there are trips where we cannot take the dog with us.

Travelling without a dog is not the only form of separation that your pet may consider unacceptable. As it turns out, leaving the quadruped alone at home too often can also cause the pooch to decide to be offended.

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If you wonder why for some time your pet seems to be angry with you, remember if recently you pay him enough attention? Dogs do not like to be alone at home, they love the company of people, in particular, their guardians.

Your dog can be jealous of another pet

Have you ever petted or played with another dog in front of your pet? It is almost certain that your pooch will not forget it. In his eyes he is the only quadruped that deserves your attention and interest. He is waiting for tenderness on your part, not any other dog.

Maybe you refused the pooch to play with his favourite toy? If so, don’t be surprised by your dog’s sad and offended face.

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The reason your pooch may be mad at you is also the lack of praise for the correct performance of the task or command. What’s more, not enough satisfactory praise can also cause the dog to start to be scared of us.

If the pooch is extremely offensive, then too short a walk can be also a source of conflict.

How to deal with an offended dog

Of course, the simplest solution is to avoid situations that are received by the pet as a sufficient reason to take offence at his guardian. Understanding doggy’s behaviour in a variety of situations is a key issue here.

First of all, you need to analyze the moments when the dog is angry with us. Perhaps most of these situations are easily avoided.

But what if the pooch is already offended at us, how should we apologize him?

You can try to convince him using his favourite treats. Sooner or later everyone will be tempted by a delicious treat. If you would like to really please your dog I recommend making dry treats by yourself. If you don’t know how to do it, you’ll find all the information in the entry – How to make dried dog treats.

If this solution is not convincing enough, take your four-legged friend for a long walk. Spending some active time will make the pooch finally forgive you for your little misdeed. Having fun together will perfectly improve the mood of a sulky pet. Choose the activity that the pooch likes the most.

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Time spent together is the best way for an insulting dog.

Your offended dog

An insulted dog is a real challenge. To convince the pooch to stop being angry with you, you must know the character of the pet very well. If you do not know what needs and preferences the four-legged friend has, it will be difficult to understand the cause of his anger. What’s more, much bigger the challenge will be to apologize to the pooch.

Every dog owner thinks about the good of his pet. Avoiding situations that hurt the dog will protect him from unnecessary stress.

Let’s remember that pooch by his attitude communicates his sadness and disappointment with your behaviour. Therefore, if possible, spend as much time with him and by that show him that he is very important to you.

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