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Pug dog – for friends puggy :)


Short characteristic of pug breed

Sociable and cheerful pooch, with great personification. That’s what a pug is like. Dogs of this breed are included in the section of small, molosses dogs. They do not require exceptional care experience from their owners. They do not cause major educational problems as well. 

Human (guardian) is extremely important for a pug, which is why he is endowed with exceptional love by his pug-friend.

Pugs are extremely cute due to their relatively small dimensions, as well as captivating facial expressions. Perfect for our dog friend. Their cheerful temperament makes it impossible to pass them by indifferently. They encourage to have fun together and spend a nice time. These little dogs can soften the heart of even the biggest opponent of dogs 🙂

Pug: breed history

Pug is a breed originating from the Far East. China is considered the main country of origin.

This is evidenced by images of small dogs with short mouths, which resemble modern pugs, immortalized on porcelain and in the form of statues. Other sources say about pooches, which served as a companion during hunting that took place in China.

The image of a pug known to us today was shaped in Great Britain at the end of the 19th century. It was created by combining two varieties of pugs: Morrison and Willoughby. The resulting sub-class was characterized by the domination of the poison’s bright anointing.

Pug’s appearance

The pug as a dog breed is usually characterized by a stocky body structure. He is included to small pooches. The vast majority of them occur in sandy colour.

The body structure of pugs is slightly square, definitely qualified for the massive group, just like French Bulldogs.

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The length of the torso is rather short. The back is classified as straight, combined with a wide chest. Pugs have a fairly strong lumbar section. Fore and hind feet are strong and stable, set under the torso. The length of the limbs is short, adequate to the rest of the body. The paws are finished with black claws.

The pug’s tail is usually curled, rather short, close to the body of the pooch. The head is broad but proportional to the torso. The ears in this breed are small, falling down. Round, relatively large eyes with a dark colour. They are a great advantage in pugs because of their exceptionally friendly expression.

The nose is usually dark, quite large with wide nostrils. The head of a pug is set on a fairly massive, slightly arched neck.

Even adult pugs reach relatively small sizes. Male individuals reach up to 35 centimetres, female up to 30 centimetres. Bodyweight ranges up to 8-9 kilograms.

Pug’s nature

Pug’s puppies, with their mischief, as well as untamed energy, do not deviate from the norms of other puppies behaviour.

Small pugs are lively and playful but at the same time quite unruly. As befits puppies, they need increased care and attention from the guardian. They love playing with their caregivers, are attached to them and feel the most comfortable in their company.

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Pugs after the puppy period are a bit more serious, but their positive personality remains unchanged. They do not show aggression towards people or other animals. Pugs are considered pooches with a rather gentle personification. They avoid conflicts and unnecessary quarrels.

Pug dog is characterized by attachment to its guardians. What’s more, they like to show love to their owners and expect the same in return. 

Pugs need attention from household members. They want to feel loved and appreciated. Deliberate rejection and separation from the guardian is a severe punishment for them. They feel very lonely and unhappy then.

The guardian’s lack of interest causes them great sadness. Such behaviour indicates their attachment to a man and an extremely sociable soul. Pugs love stroking and showing affection and care.

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What you should know if you are thinking about choosing a pug is the fact that these dogs can make a variety of sounds and noises. During sleep, they often snore and wheeze. The main reason is the construction of their mouth.

Pug’s care and health

Pugs, due to their rather stocky build, are not the best athletes ???? During exceptionally increased effort, they can wheeze and pant due to fatigue.

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What’s more, they do not tolerate heat and sun very well. However, during winter and low temperatures, pugs will need extra protection from frost in the form of a sweater or jacket.

This breed is extremely susceptible to eye infections. Due to the structure of the skull, pug’s eyeballs are not sufficiently protected, which is why they are exposed to all kinds of injuries, including typically mechanical ones. Therefore, the owners of these dogs should be especially careful in this matter and try to limit the possibility of collision of the pet with protruding objects.

We include the pug among the rather greedy dogs. That is why he is in the group of dogs at higher risk of obesity. If you want to take care of his health and maintain healthy body weight, you should remember about regular physical activity. Despite the fact that pugs rather shun sport, active joint fun and long walks are a great way for a daily dose of movement.

Comfortable harnesses for a small dog, such as a pug, should adapt to the slightly stocky shape of his torso. Too stiff can block freedom of movement and thus limit the joy of joint walks or playing in the fresh air.

These dogs do not require exceptionally complicated care. It is important to properly take care of their wrinkles and folds. Lack of hygiene in this place after a long time can contribute to skin infections.

The pugs also need increased eye care, as already mentioned, they are exposed to the negative effects of external factors of the environment.

Dog accessories for pugs

During cold days, pugs definitely need extra clothes to protect them from freezing. As small dogs, they are extremely sensitive to low temperatures. For this breed, all kinds of sweaters are perfect, putting them on the pooch’s head is extremely simple and quick. It’s worth to take a look at clothes for the pug designed by the Bowl&Bone Republic e.g. the ASPEN dog sweaters.

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Don’t forget about dog bed. First of all, the pug’s bed should be comfortable. This breed loves to relax lying on its favourite dog bed. All kinds of dog mats will also work well because these dogs like to feel completely at ease while sleeping. If you have a pug at home, check the roll-up LOFT dog mats from Bowl&Bone Republic.

The pug is a cute pooch who loves company and spending time together with his beloved guardian. If you think about a dog that will give you a special feeling then a pug will be a great choice. Long evenings at home will be more pleasant in the company of this little, cute dog.


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