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Puppy at home – how to prepare?

Soon a little friend will appear in your home? A puppy at home is a lot of joy but also effort. Prepare your surroundings so that the pooch can feel completely comfortable and safe.
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Puppy at home

The appearance of a pooch in our home is a very important and at the same time an extremely pleasant event. The friendship that connects the guardian and the pet is an amazing, incomparable experience. To be fully prepared for the appearance of a puppy in your home, you must first take care of the space in which we intend to introduce our little dog. Young dogs are extremely curious about the world, hungry for experiences and discovering what they do not know.

You must bear in mind that a puppy will want to enter every little corner of the house, he will try to play with everything that comes across on his path, even if it will not necessarily be items suitable for play. An adult pooch is much more thoughtful and has more awareness of what is not entirely suitable and safe for him. You have to be extremely vigilant when taking care of a puppy. Good preparation of the apartment for the appearance of a small quadruped will help you avoid many unpleasant situations.

Preparing the apartment for the appearance of a new tenant is not only organizing the appropriate layette. Equally important, and initially almost the most important is securing your home. A little doggy curious about the world will try to check every corner and interacts with every object he encounters. So how can you prepare the apartment for the appearance of a puppy? I will present you several solutions that worked well for me and other dog carers.

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Check out the whole apartment

First, walk around the house and carefully examine all rooms for potential danger to the pooch. Pay attention to all kinds of small items that might interest the dog, located on the floor or low shelves. This is very important because the pooch would certainly like to play with them or he could try to eat them. Secure all electronics, especially cables that are in a place where the dog would have easy access. Wires are a very interesting element for a pooch who sees them as a kind of play item.

What should you also remember about when preparing an apartment for a puppy? An object that will certainly interest a small pet is all kinds of plants. What’s more, it is important because we are not talking here only about the potential damage and mess that your toddler can do in the apartment.

Some plants may be poisonous to the dog. So when doggy unaware of the threat bites their stems or leaves he can cause himself many health problems. Therefore, make sure that the plants in your home are placed in places that the pooch will not have access to.

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Secure dangerous elements

For a small dog, not only small objects, cables or sources of electricity are a potential threat. When preparing the apartment for the arrival of the puppy, pay attention to the angular or protruding elements of the furniture or decorative elements of the house. Young dogs are very energetic, they move a lot, run and jump. Carelessly they can trip over a protruding element or run into it with momentum. Make sure that there are no such traps in your home, which can be very dangerous for the dog.

Terrace hideout

I guarantee you that a young pooch, curious about the world, and above all his new home, will want to look into every, even the smallest corner and nook and cranny. Of course, trying to protect the dog from the whole world around him is impossible. The pet must be able to learn the real taste of life, both good and bad. Nevertheless, the home should be his asylum, a place where he feels good and above all safe. If he hurts here, unfortunately, the internal anxiety associated with this place will stay with him for a long time.

Therefore, to avoid stressful situations for the dog, check if your home has nooks and crannies where the dog can try to enter. The puppy cannot estimate if a given place is big enough to be able to enter and leave without difficulty. Unfortunately, trying to hide in every hideout he encounters can get stuck. Such an experience can be very traumatic for a small pooch.

If you want the pooch not to look for unwanted entertainment and a way to make his free time more pleasant, you have to arrange time for him. The young pooch loves to play. Therefore, provide him with toys that he will be able to deal with both alone and with you. Drag and pull toys, such as BULLETs from Bowl&Bone Republic, will work well for your puppy. For dogs that have a bit less untamed energy in them, rustling BAX, REX or DEX mascots will be suitable.

Provide your pooch with a comfortable lair in which sleep or afternoon naps will be a real pleasure. Puppy at home needs to have his little asylum, in which he will be able to hide as soon as he feels a little uncertain. If you do not want your puppy to hide in the corner or under the table, give him a dog bed that will meet all his needs. Looking for the most comfortable models and the most fashionable styles, check out the Bowl&Bone Republic range.

Give it some freedom

The puppy at home will make your family life even more full of love and a homely atmosphere. Doggy is a great joy, but also a great responsibility for the life and health of a small quadruped. Take care of him and don’t forget that he also needs some freedom in these puppy, craziest years.

I guarantee you one thing, your home will be as cheerful as never before! Write in a comment about your experience with young dogs. I’d love to hear your opinion.

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Author: Klaudia, author and a great dog lover
The doggy by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and see each new day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. Searching for my soul mate, I found her in dogs' wise eyes.

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