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Should I bring my dog on vacation?

Holidays with or without a dog - a difficult decision to make. And yet you have to take it before each trip - no matter if you planned a short weekend getaway or a long journey of several weeks.
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Holidays with a dog

Every year, when the desired vacation time is approaching, you are faced with the decision on which direction to travel this time. This situation becomes a little more complicated when there is a pooch among your family members. Then you face a dilemma whether to decide to vacation, with a dog or for that time it’s better to pass him over to a trusted person.

None of these solutions is bad or harmful to your four-legged friend. Much depends on the purpose and nature of your trip. Not every travel or stay condition is suitable for dogs. In such a situation, having your doggy in mind, it is better to leave him in good hands and choose to spend the holiday separately. However, there are also destinations where the pooch will have great fun.

So what criteria should you take into account when making decisions regarding holidays with a dog?

When to take your dog on vacation

At the beginning let’s focus on the situation when you decide to take the pooch on a vacation. When is such a solution good idea?

The basis for this decision should be the place where we go looking through the prism of your pet’s character. If you are going to a really hot place, I think you will agree it’s not suitable conditions for such breeds as husky or Alaskan Malamute. In turn, if the purpose of your trip is extremely frosty countries, unfortunately, York or Maltese despite warm clothes may not be very happy with such a trip.

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So try to rationally assess how your four-legged friend will cope with the climatic conditions in the place where you are going to go. Otherwise, your goodwill to show the whole world to a pooch can be a really tiring adventure for him. However, if you are sure that the dog will feel good and comfortable in the place you go to, then vacation together is very best idea.

What to look for when going on vacation with a dog

When deciding on a trip with the pooch, take into account his approach to travel. Not every dog ‚Äč‚Äčlikes to travel. What’s more, there are pooches for whom traveling by train or plane is a huge trauma.

As a dog guardian, you certainly know your pet best and know his character and preferences. You know what he is afraid of and what makes him happy. If you know that the pooch feels bad when travelling by public transport it doesn’t mean that you must completely give up travel. In this situation, if possible, you may decide to go by car. This solution will allow your pooch to feel safe and comfortable, and you will save him unwanted stress.

If you are planning a vacation with a dog, make sure that where you go you will find a place where the presence of a pet’s presence is acceptable. Unfortunately, these types of hotels are in the minority but the number of dog-friendly places is constantly growing.

Before travel, it is also worth doing some research among e.g. restaurants that are open to visits with pets. Such insight will greatly facilitate your functioning in a new place and allow you to fully enjoy your holiday trip.

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Travel with a dog is not as difficult and absorbing as it might seem. Good organization and reasonable planning of the trip is the basis of success. The first trip together can be a challenge. However, you will certainly get used to the new situation quickly. What’s more, holidays with a pooch further strengthen the bond with your beloved pet.

When it’s better to leave your dog at home during the holidays

It is not easy to decide for a holiday trip knowing that it will be time apart with your beloved pet. Sometimes, however, longing for a four-legged friend is a better solution than trying to take him with you to a place that is not very dog-friendly.

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Some destinations of holiday trips are a challenge for those traveling with pets. If you know that your activity during the holiday will consist of very long trips and exploring unknown areas, then taking your pet with you may not be a good idea.

The situation is similar when we are going to go to extremely exotic places. Being in such conditions can pose a threat to health or even your dog’s life. When defeating wild and distanced from civilization areas you do not know what wild animals you will deal with. What’s more, they can be dangerous for our beloved doggy.

What’s more, some dogs just don’t like traveling. They feel best in a familiar environment. A longer trip can cause fear and discomfort to your pooch. In such cases, do not try to entertain your four-legged friend in a way which he simply does not like. Then, despite your longing, it will be definitely better to leave him under the care of a trusted person during our holiday trip.

Dog holiday dilemma

The decision, whether to bring a pooch with you on a holiday trip, make based on the specifics of the trip and the preferences of your pet. First of all, be guided by the welfare of your quadruped, not your comfort.

A rational approach to the subject, taking into account all the pros and cons, will allow you to make the right decision.

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