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The best dogs to live in a block of flats

Choosing a pooch living in a block of flats, choose a dog of this breed that will feel comfortable and safe there. An important issue is choosing a breed that will feel comfortable and comfortable in such conditions. The personal preferences of a dog of a given breed have a huge impact on his happiness and well-being while living in the comfort of the apartment. What's more, for some quadrupeds this may be a much more affordable option than would be the case for a large house. Contrary to all stereotypes, not only small dogs will work in the apartment. So what are the right dog breeds for the home? In today's post, I will introduce you to some of them.
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What breed of dogs is suitable to live in a block of flats

Raising a pooch in an apartment, keep in mind that you need to provide him with the right dose of exercise every day. Initially, the urban climate can overwhelm the small quadruped, who is just beginning his adventure in this vibrant place. If you show him enough encouragement and interest, he will certainly feel good and safe. I will briefly present you suggested dogs to live in a flat.

Chihuahua feels good in a flat

This little pooch will feel good even in a relatively small apartment. The small size of dogs of this breed does not mean that he will be a shy pooch. On the contrary, he will be happy to play with his guardian or teach new skills. Chihuahuas do not lose hair in excessive quantities. Thus, they do not hinder maintaining order and cleanliness in the apartment. This breed does not need a huge garden to ensure the right dose of movement.

Due to its small size, it would not be able to take full advantage of the possibilities of large space. To keep the daily dose of physical activity walks in the park, or having fun together in the fresh air will be excellent.

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French bulldog is home-bird

A good relationship with a beloved guardian is more important for dogs of this breed than whether they are brought up at home or in an apartment. French Bulldogs love to closeness with people, they are very sociable with theirs guardians. They are happy to spend time outdoors having fun together, but they do not belong to dogs with a sporting spirit.

They appreciate physical activity but in relatively small amounts. Bulldogs can snore when sleeping. Therefore, if you have exceptionally light sleep and any murmur at night can wake you up, then it is not recommended to place the doggy bed in your sleeping area.

Dogs of this breed do not tolerate heat very well, which is why an apartment on a very high floor and very sunny may not be a favourable living environment for them. The French Bulldog is a flagship representative of a dog breed suitable for housing.

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If you looking in a dog gentle and warm personification then I guarantee that the pug will be the perfect pooch for you. Dogs of this breed are very family, they appreciate the warmth of home. They love spending time together with their guardians, both in active way and during blissful relaxation. As with French Bulldogs, pugs do not feel well at high temperatures.

Living in a flat will be comfortable for a pug. This is not a breed that needs huge spaces. The pug will appreciate the family warmth and pleasant atmosphere in your cosy asylum. So he is one of the therefore habitable dogs to live in a flats.

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Golden retriever

Indeed, this breed is not classified as small pooches, but it does not change the fact that this dog will be good not only at home but also in the apartment. Golden retriever likes to spend time actively, however, he derives the most joy when his guardian accompanies him while having fun together.

It is a very sociable breed that feels good spending time with people. This doggy is not exceptionally temperament, it is characterized by self-control and serenity. Growing up in a flat won’t be a problem for him. The Golden retriever admittedly needs a large dose of movement, but long walks or fun in the park will perfectly help you utilize his internal energy.


Do you dream of a small dog friend who will be faithful to you and will focus a lot of his attention on you? If so, the Maltese will be a great choice for you! This breed belongs to the group of really small dogs. Thanks to its small dimensions, the Maltese will feel great in a cosy apartment.

Despite his energetic personification, he will not feel limited even on a small area. The Maltese will be pleased to spend time with you relaxing on a sofa or comfortable dog bed at home.

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Bearded Collie

It is a medium-sized pooch with long and fleshy hair. Bearded Collie is a dog very attached to his guardian. He enjoys spending time both in active play and learning new skills. Efficiently and effectively executes the orders of his guardian, wanting to show him his sympathy.

To keep fit in shape, Bearded Collie needs regular effort in the form of walks or active games. Take care of regular outdoor activities as well as valuable doggy diet. Best served in an elegant wooden bowl for food and water.

Bearded Collie gets along with people and other pooches. This is a really amazing breed that can surprise many people with his remarkable intelligence.

How to choose the right breed of dog?

When asked what breeds of dogs are suitable for housing, we don’t have one right solution. As a rule, it is recommended to choose smaller dogs, however, this is not the only correct solution. Larger dogs, to whom we provide enough movement every day, will also feel good in the apartment.

When choosing a pooch breed, your lifestyle or work is much more important. It matters less if you live in a single-family house or a flat.

What is your opinion on this subject? I encourage you to share your opinion in a comment.

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