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Walking your dog – how to do it right?

Daily dog walking is what every responsible dog owner should do. It’s a very demanding job – we can not give up on it during unpleasant weather or when we’re in a bad mood. A walk should be something much more than just satisfying our dog's physical needs. It‘s the quality time to strengthen the bond between the dog and his owner. What’s more, it’s a perfect opportunity for the dog to learn new skills and develop his abilities. Our doggy needs daily walks to get to know new smells and discover different places.

Must-have accessories for dog walks

Dogs love to learn new, unknown smells during every walk. Therefore, choosing the right leash that will fully meet our dog’s needs is so important. First of all, it should be long enough for the dog to easily reach the places he likes without pulling his owner. However, the dog leash shouldn’t be too short as well – because the dog may feel unwatched and uncontrolled.

When choosing a particular dog leash, we should pay close attention to its material quality. When the leash is too thin it can simply get ripped by stronger, more rapid moves of our doggy. The same can happen when it comes to the fasteners with plastic snap links. They can simply break if our dog pulls too much. We should remember that during every walk we can face the unexpected situation, that will scare our dog so much that he will rip the leash from our hands and run away in the panic attack. This kind of behaviour can be very dangerous because our dog can escape and get out into the street.

The dog leash, made of good quality materials will let us have more control over our dog’s unexpected behaviour. We can find a wide choice of high quality dog accessories in Bowl&Bone Republic range of products. The dog leashes produced by this brand are made of high quality materials, resistant to rapid moves of the pet. What’s more, they have a metal snap links so you can feel safe that it won’t break.

Dog’s comfort and sense of freedom

A well-fitting harness or collar are crucial to provide our dog with the comfortable movement during daily walks. However, the appropriate size is not everything – we should also pay close attention to the fabric of the product. Its inner lining should be extremely soft so it won’t hurt or cause any discomfort to our dog even during very long walks.

Additionally, when choosing new dog accessories, we should take into account the personality of our four-legged companion. For the high energy dogs that are extremely active during every walk we recommend the ACTIVE dog harness, that will ensure maximum sense of freedom during long, intensive walks. For slightly less active dogs, SOHO or CANDY dog harness will work just perfect. The best option for the winter walks will be dog harness with an additional warmer, as in the case of YETI, which have an inner lining made of a cuddly, warm plush fabric.

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Dog-walking essentials you should always have on hand

Taking dog toys for a walk is a great idea, but not all the products are designed for outdoor games. All types of balls, rope toys or frisbee discs will work perfectly. Dog toys should encourage the owner to spend active, quality time with his four-legged companion. Bowl&Bone Republic offers dog rope toys, made of very durable material with a touch of silk, making it suitable for playing fetch or tug. What’s more, they don’t sink in water, so they’re perfect for playing in the lake.

Let’s not forget about dog accessories that will make owner’s life much easier. A special holder for waste bags or treats is simple priceless during everyday walks with our buddy. This little item, that we can keep together with the leash – makes it easy to always remember to take it with us. It will facilitate the entire process of dog walking, and it will be a real salvation for the forgetful owners. Nobody likes to realize the lack of dog waste bags when they are needed the most. Frequency and duration of the walk

We should take our dog for a walk three times a day, at the very minimum. Of course, when it comes to puppies and older dogs, this number should be higher. If we live in a house and our dog has permanent access to the garden, the number of walks may be smaller. Nevertheless you have to be aware that under no circumstances can we abandon this crucial activity.

However, we shouldn’t take our doggy outside too often. Our dog also needs some time for himself, so that he can have a nap, relax or just laze. The optimal time of the breaks between walks should last about 8 hours.

How long should be a walk with your dog?

The length of the walk itself depends on the dog’s temperament and personality. We must remember that not every pet likes long walks in the park or forest. The first, morning walk should last about 10-15 minutes and the afternoon, on the other hand, is just perfect to spend more time with our buddy – have some fun or train together. The last, evening walk should be a form of unwind and relaxation after a long day. It’s a bad idea to wake our dog up with a play, knowing that soon after coming home, he will go back to sleep.

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Daily walks are a big part of everyday life for the owner and his pet. That’s why we should make sure they’re truly effective and full of comfort. If we are not willing to fall into routine, we should change the walking paths, so that the dog can explore new areas and smells. Let’s also remember about the dogs living in houses with a garden. They need going out for a walk as well.

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Author: Klaudia, author and a great dog lover
The doggy by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and see each new day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. Searching for my soul mate, I found her in dogs' wise eyes.

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