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What dogs don’t like

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Do you know what your dog doesn’t like? Our dogs are annoyed by many things, but you can reduce a large part of them to a minimum. In this way, you can improve your dog’s well-being and, what’s more, strengthen your relationship and mutual understanding. That is very important in building a strong bond with your dog.

Dogs don’t like very loud, violent noises. Another thing that quadrupeds don’t like is intense, perfumed scents. Dogs also react badly to violations of their zone and touch, especially in the case of people they do not know. Therefore, you should not pet a strange dog you have just met.

What you will learn from this article:

Dogs do not like very loud and violent sounds

Strong, perfumed smells are very unpleasant for dogs

Dogs don’t like being petted by strangers

What dogs don’t like

Despite their positive attitude to the world, dogs have things they can’t stand. Surely you have noticed that your dog reacts with anger and reluctance to some people, things or situations. So today, I will answer what dogs do not like.

Some of the points I have presented will be well-known to you from everyday life with a canine. However, I’m sure some of them may be entirely new.

Why is it important to know things dogs don’t like very much? Because with this knowledge, you can reduce unnecessary stress for your dog, directly impacting his well-being and joy in life. So if you can improve the quality of your dog’s mood by making a few changes in your life, why not do it?

Things dogs don’t like very much

I will now give you a list of things many dogs don’t like. Perhaps by observing your dog’s behaviour daily, you know what annoys him.

However, pay attention to the fact that every dog ​​is different. Not all situations I presented are uncomfortable for your pet. Perhaps in his case, some events will occur entirely neutrally.

Smells and dogs

Dogs have a very well-developed sense of smell and are excellent trackers. Although this feature seems to have only advantages, it is not entirely. First, I want to remind you that dogs perceive smells differently than you or I do. What is an attractive aroma for us that may smell very bad for your four-legged friend?

It also works the other way around; odours that are unpleasant for us are very tempting for dogs. That is why we often do not understand why the dog is always attracted to places full of unpleasant smells during walks.

Dogs do not like to be in a room with a powerful smell. Especially one that is unpleasant for them. Your four-legged friend will avoid close contact with a person who is wearing a very expressive perfume.

Loud sounds

Your dog’s hearing is much more developed than ours. The range of sound audibility by dogs is extensive. Not only can dogs hear sounds that you and I can’t pick up. What’s more, they feel them more intensely.

That is why dogs don’t like loud noises. You’ll agree that sudden, violent noise can be very unpleasant. The structure of a dog’s ear makes it even more uncomfortable for him than for humans.

That is why dogs are so wrong on New Year’s Eve. If you want to find out how you can reduce your pet’s stress on this day, I refer you to the entry that you can find HERE. In it, I present my proven ways to make New Year’s Eve not the most stressful day of the year for my dog.

Violation of the personal zone

For dogs, personal space is essential. What’s more, there are times when dogs poorly perceive even the guardian’s proximity. An example of such a situation is the moment the dog eats a meal.

While eating, you should not invade your pet’s zone because it is one of the things that dogs do not like very much. No matter how close you are to your pet, this is a situation where your dog needs to focus only on himself.

Most dogs are very reserved with strangers. They need time to get to know and trust the person. Therefore, they feel very uncomfortable when strangers come too close to them.

The situation is similar in the case of the dog’s personal belongings. Your dog certainly doesn’t like it when someone touches his bed or blanket. That also applies to your favourite toys. That is his zone for a dog, which he does not like to cross.

Stroking and touching the dog

Stroking strange, encountered dogs is a critical topic. I have created a separate post to discuss this issue in detail. You can find it HERE; please get acquainted with it.

Most dogs don’t like being petted or touched by strangers. What’s more, there are also times when they don’t even want it from their caretakers. That usually happens when the dog is eating or drinking.

The situation is similar when the dog is in pain. Then any attempts to touch will be perceived by him very reluctantly.

No plan for the day with the dog

Dogs are very fond of routine and a constant rhythm of the day. They feel comfortable then because they know what to expect. The vast majority of dogs do not like unforeseen situations. They disturb their sense of security and stability.

You can read more about why the daily routine of the day is so essential for your dog in the entry that you can find HERE. In it, I suggest how to arrange the best plan for the day with your dog.

Forcing to play with other dogs

Most dogs like to play and be active. However, this does not mean that if your dog enjoys this form of entertainment with you, he will also enjoy it with another dog. Relationships between two strange dogs can be very different. We cannot assume in advance that the dogs will immediately like each other and will want to spend time together.

Often when we meet another person with a pet, we hope that while we spend time socializing, our dogs will also have fun. Unfortunately, it soon turns out that dogs see this situation entirely differently.

That may be due to the age difference between the dogs or their temperament. Dogs don’t like it when we force them to play with other dogs if they don’t feel like it.

No dog sniffing

One of my dog’s favourite activities during walks is sniffing. Dogs have an internal need to track and discover new scents. Surely you have noticed that your pet spends a significant part of the everyday outdoor trips with his nose to the ground, sniffing.

Because the most exciting smells for dogs come from garbage or the remains of other dogs, you usually instinctively try to get your pet away from them. I know you’re doing this for your dog’s sake. Such places are the habitats of bacteria, as well as potential diseases.

Nevertheless, your dog doesn’t understand why he can’t sniff freely and doesn’t want to stop. Therefore, as long as it is not dangerous to his health, please let him do this. Take your time during the walk and get acquainted with the smells surrounding it.

Do you already know what dogs don’t like?

The answer to the question of what dogs don’t like is very complex. While generally speaking, dogs have a positive outlook on life, and it turns out that there are more things they don’t like than you might think.

It took me a while to understand why my pet is sometimes visibly displeased when I try to hug him. He reacted like that repeatedly, and I didn’t know what was causing it. I finally figured out that he had acted this way when he used his perfume a moment earlier. Their intense smell was very repulsive and irritating to my dog.

Knowing what my dog ​​doesn’t like allows me to have a better relationship with him. Our bond is based on mutual respect. Whenever I can, I try to act in such a way as to avoid situations that he doesn’t like.

Do you know what your dog doesn’t like? Maybe there are entirely different situations I didn’t mention in this post. Share your answer with me in the comment.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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