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What I can learn from my dog?

By observing the behavior of our pets, we can learn a lot from them. Dogs are characterized by great empathy, as well as cheerfulness and a positive approach to life.
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What I can learn from dog?

Having a dog pet under care, we try to raise him as best we can. We teach him obedience, reacting to commands and the ability to behave properly in people company. Unfortunately, we rarely realize that our relationship with our beloved pooch is mutual. Not only a pooch can learn from us but we can also learn from him.

Dogs are amazing creatures. They are characterized by enormous empathy and have immense friendship for their loved ones. Dogs are very emotional animals and their relationship with the caregiver presents the greatest value. In everyday life, we often forget how important relations are with other people.

Attachment and openness to other people are one of the things we should learn from our quadrupeds. But not only that. Dogs can tell us much more. We just need to look at the world through their eyes and understand what is really important.

Dog must not like all people

The dog knows perfectly well what’s his relation to others. He shapes his opinion by meeting the other person. He rarely crosses the person in advance. However, this does not mean, that dogs like everyone. What’s more, if happens that he doesn’t have a positive liking for someone, he doesn’t try to hide it. Dogs do not enter into a relationship with people they do not like without wasting time on contacts with such a person. They focus their attention on those who are close to them.

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Wasting time for acquaintances that do not add anything to our lives, and sometimes even put us in a negative mood, is, unfortunately, a common situation among people.

What we can learn from our pets is to allow ourselves for close contact only with the people we like. There is no point in wasting energy building relationships with other people who are deeply insincere because of our feelings about that person. Allow yourself to focus only on those you really care about.

Dog is not afraid to show emotions

If a pooch likes someone and I feel connected to a person, he is not afraid to show emotions. In everyday life, in a fast-paced work rhythm, we often forget about showing feelings to our loved ones. The fervour of unsettled matters, responsibilities awaiting us, works overwhelmingly often focusing all our attention.

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For a dog, there is nothing more important than loving him guardian. He will always find time to show his love and respect. Seeing the owner returning after a long day of work gives him enormous joy.

Are you wondering what you can learn from a dog? The answer is –  just showing our loved ones love and gratitude during the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The opinion of others is not the most important for a dog

For a dog, how others perceive him is a secondary issue. Doggy doesn’t think about what the others think about him.

Of course, people are very different from dogs in terms of self-acceptance, especially when it comes to our appearance. Nevertheless, we can get so much from our pets in this area.

Doggy doesn’t feel the inner need to please everyone. As people, we often try to please everyone around us. What’s more, it is ineffective because we will never be able to fully meet the expectations of other people. Therefore, it is worth taking a little distance to what opinion others have about us.

The main thing is to focus on your loved ones and how they perceive us. For our dog, the greatest value is how we, his owners perceive him. The opinion of others is secondary to him.

Believe in yourself and trust your instincts – just like a dog

Undeniably, the dog’s instinct is his huge advantage. Can read body language signals as well as those flowing from the environment. He is also extremely alert and attentive. He reads the received signals in the blink of an eye through his instinct to be able to respond without hesitation to the situation and react on time. Doggy trusts his sense and decides how to proceed quickly and promptly.

Have you ever found that your inner instinct encouraged you to act, and reason on the contrary? Did it seem like reason stopped you? Probably each of us once participated in this kind of battle of thoughts accompanying an important or risky decision. We often push our instincts to the next track and give up. Our precaution and excessive caution win.

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In this situation, it’s worth taking your pooch as an example. He subconsciously, feeling what to do in a given situation, puts his premonition in a first place. He strongly believes in his abilities and does not diminish this value.

So how can you take an example from him? Do not give up on the beginning. Do not be afraid to try for fear of failure. Trust your instincts, which tells you what to do. However, if you feel in advance that a given situation is lost, do not waste time on it. This simple but effective action scheme, observed from our beloved pets, allows you to maintain peace of mind and internal balance.

Be your doggy’s best friend

The bond between you and your four-legged friend is an example of a deep, selfless relationship. Mutual trust and respect are the basis. It is important to learn not only to take but also to give something from yourself. We often mistakenly think that it is only the role of the pooch to learn what we are trying to convey to him.

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Our four-legged friends are wise beings who also have something to tell us about the world around us. So let’s think about it and ask yourself, what more can I learn from a dog?

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