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Why is the dog growling?

If I asked you the question - how does the dog shows anger - you probably would answer - by growling. But is this entirely true? You should look at this issue from two sides. First, let's think about whether this is the only way in which the pooch shows his nervousness. Besides, are we sure that dog growling is just a sign of aggression or can mean something completely different? To be a good and responsible guardian for your pooch, you need to be able to choose to read the signals he sends. Understanding in communication is the basis for building strong relationships between you and your doggy.
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What does the dog communicate by growling?

The dog growls for a reason, it is always associated with a specific situation which, as we can clearly see, does not suit the pooch. This is one of the ways of communication that your pet communicates with both us and other pets.

Dog growling is nothing but a warning signal sent by a dog. Usually, it is accompanied by flaps and a snap. The dog warns in this way that he is ready to attack if a man or other animal does not change his behaviour. It is worth mentioning that the dog’s intention in such a situation is not so much to prepare the other party for the intention of attacking, but rather to try to amicably resolve the conflict.

Most dogs do not look for a problems in everyday life. Pooch values peace and a sense of security. Aggressive behaviour causes them anxiety and fear. Whenever possible, try to avoid conflicts.

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The most common reasons for a dog to growl

As we already know, the dog growls to announce that something doesn’t suit him. There are several common reasons for a pooch expressing his dissatisfaction with a growl.

The dog growls because he defends its property. Most dogs don’t like sharing and are not very happy when they have to do it. Dog especially value everyday items such as his favourite toy or his own bowl, mostly with food, in which your favourite meal always waits. If someone wants to take one of these things while he use it, he will certainly express his dissatisfaction through growling.

Dogs are considered guardians of the house precisely because they do not like when uninvited persons enter the territory in which they rule. If they notice the intruder, they will certainly react with a growl, wanting to show their dissatisfaction.

The situation is similar when a bystander accosts a beloved pooch guardian and takes his attention. The pet will then show its opposition and jealousy by growling. This is a warning signal that his owner should focus mainly on him, his four-legged friend. Dogs do not like to share the attention and interest of their guardian.

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How to react to the dog’s growling?

First of all, remember that the dog by growling communicate his displeasure. If we respect his request for a change of behaviour that caused him anxiety, then the pooch will stop growling. That is why (if possible) we should try to alleviate the conflict situation and resolve it amicably.

Human reaction when the dog growls

Punishing a dog for expressing its dissatisfaction through growling is never a good idea. The basis of good communication between you and your pet is the ability to read his emotions correctly, including fears or dissatisfaction. If you reprimand a pooch several times for growling, he will certainly remember that in the future.

Then what other way he has to tell you his opposition to a given situation? As a result, he will not be able to communicate his fear, anxiety or anger. The dog growls to warn you. By depriving him of this possibility, we cannot predict his behaviour in a stressful situation.

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What should you do when the dog is growling?

When your pooch is growling, try to deduce what is the reason for his behaviour. Perhaps these are the events that always make the pooches dissatisfied. Pay attention to this and if possible try not to duplicate this pattern.

The best way to deal with a dog’s growl is to skilfully avoid situations that are the cause of such behaviour on the part of your pet. I think that every canine guardian will admit that he can assess what our four-legged friend does not like and what makes him extremely angry. With this in mind, try to spare your pet unwanted impressions.

When the pooch begins to growl, it should be a sign for you that the best solution will be a retreat. Slowly, without a hurry, move away from the dog without making sudden movements. Show him understanding and respect his personal space.

Growling is just one of the signals

I want to mention here that we include the growl as one of the calming signals in dogs. Their goal is to avoid a potential threat, and thus alleviate the conflict situation.

What are your experiences with pet growling?

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