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A dog behaviourist – who is this?

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Who is a dog behaviourist?

The task of a dog behaviourist is not only to understand the motives of your pet’s unusual behaviour. It is also to improve his behaviour by working with him. Often, despite our great efforts, we are not able to read what our dog wants to tell us. Emotions that guide the behaviour of our dogs are not always clear at first glance. Only the deeper analysis of a professional behaviourist allows us to understand our dogs’ true feelings.

A dog behaviourist is more than a trainer. His goal is not just to understand the cause of your pet’s confusing signals. He also has to try to teach him the right behaviour. A behaviourist tries to reach the source of the problem and find a solution there.

Behaviourist’s work with your dog

At the beginning, when deciding on the services of a particular behaviourist, it is worth knowing whether the person has the appropriate training. You should remember that only specialist knowledge enables a person to work effectively and professionally as a behaviourist. It is extremely important, therefore, that the behaviourist you choose to work with has an in-depth knowledge of animal psychology supported by a diploma or certificate.

Under no circumstances should you work with a behaviourist who approaches the topic purely as a hobby. Deeper knowledge about it is essential.

The task of a behaviourist is to work on the natural behaviour of your pet through a series of individually selected exercises. These exercises help your dog to fight all kinds of fears. They will work e.g. on fear of being left at home, or the opposite –fear of going out for a walk.

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A dog behaviourist can also help your pet deal with hyperactivity or socialization disorders. These are just a few of the problems that can be addressed with the help of such a specialist.

Mutual understanding is the basis of relationship with the pupil

Good communication with your dog, awareness of his reactions to the surrounding world. Knowledge surrounding his accompanying emotions should be the basis of your relationship. Strenuously trying to stop your dog’s unwanted behaviours without first trying to understand them can lead to many unpleasant situations and misunderstandings.

The help of a dog behaviourist can assist you greatly with the relationship you have with your dog and the way in which you both communicate. A bond based on understanding and a desire to learn about your dog’s fears and anxieties is the basis of a beautiful pet-owner friendship that will grow and blossom for many years to come.


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