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A joint walk with the dog and the child

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Walk with a dog and a small child

Long walks with my dog are my favourite part of the day. This is the perfect time to rest after a day and clear head of unnecessary thoughts and worries. With a four-legged friend by my side, strolling along park alleys or forest paths is a great form of relaxation. However, walk with a dog and a child requires much more of your attention.

The method of small steps

If you want big changes in your life not to cause a nervous atmosphere and conflicts, you should proceed with caution and calmness. Before you go for a long walk with your dog and baby, you have a lot of work to do. First of all, the pooch needs to feel confident in the presence of a new family member.

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So, at the very beginning, the pooch has to get used to the appearance of a new, tiny person in your home. Getting a dog familiar with a small child also includes accepting all the everyday objects with which the pet has not been in contact before.

This group includes, among others, a stroller, which, due to its size and structure, may initially terrify a pet. Getting used to it is important because it will accompany you during your walks together.

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The dog well behaved

It cannot be denied that a walk with a dog and a child is a big challenge. Therefore, it is worth making sure that your pet will behave properly. Doggy being able to walk with your feet while walking is a matter of training and exercise.

The doggy should not pull the leash and struggle when walking with the baby. Therefore, it is worth teaching him good manners in advance and proper behaviour in this regard. It will facilitate later walks with an additional, small companion.

Choosing a known route for a walk

Choosing a route that you already know well will be a great help during the first walks with your pooch and a small child. Dog will feel confident on the route he knows well. What’s more, the known area means that the pooch is less willing to smell every nook and cranny, and thus it will be easier for him to stay close to you during the walk.

Unknown sites will only encourage him to make new discoveries. As a result, if we lead a dog on a leash, he can get very impatient and struggle.

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A moment of breath for you, the child and the pooch

Try to make regular stops for moments of rest. If the pooch behaves politely and exemplary, this is a good time to reward him with his favourite delicacy. The Bowl&Bone Republic snack sachet, designed for a walk with your pet, may be helpful.

Perhaps the dog will be thirsty while walking together. Then pour him water in a portable bowl. You can try to sit on the bench together with your pooch and your child. If the dog is a bit tired of the walk, he will certainly be happy to rest next to you. It’s a very nice part of the long walk.

How to prepare for a walk with a dog and a baby

Carrying your baby in a sling will give you the most comfort and mobility. You will then have both hands at your disposal, allowing you to hold the leash freely. Another way is to walk with the stroller. As previously mentioned, you need to get your pet used to this new accessory. Walking with a stroller will be a bit more difficult, but by no means impossible.

First of all, in the beginning, it is good to determine which side will be more convenient for you to hold your pet. This will allow you to keep order during walks and avoid the pooch wandering to different sides of the stroller. This is very important because you don’t want the leash to screw into the wheels of the cart. Such an incident could turn out to be very dangerous.

When walking your dog and newborn baby, you need to be sure that you are in control of your pet. Therefore, you must ensure that the harness or collar your doggy is wearing is stable and safe to wear. My pooch’s favourite is the MONACO collar from Bowl&Bone Republic. Its inner layer is made of an soft material such – Alcantara. Thanks to it, the collar does not hurt the dog when worn.

Walk with the dog and the child

Before you take his difficult challenge, which is a walk with a dog and a small child, think about whether you are in full strength. Caring for two individuals outside the home at the same time requires great commitment and vigilance. If you feel you need a companion, don’t hesitate to ask someone for help. Certainly, there will be someone from your close family or circle of friends who will be happy to go for a walk with you.

dog harness lead yeti rose bowl and bone republic ls1sa

I am eager to learn about your experiences of walking together with your dog and baby. Feel free to discuss in the comments.


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