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Accessories for sensitive dogs

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Everyday life with a fearful puppy requires exceptional commitment from the caregiver. They want to protect the dog as much as possible from unnecessary stress and adequately care for his layette.

My sensitive doggy

A doggy sensitive to the surrounding world requires special care. If we do not want to hurt his feelings or make him anxious, we must act carefully and with self-control. An uncomfortable situation can be perceived by such a dog very personally and cause unwanted panic or a feeling of discomfort. Moreover, a sensitive dog is a huge responsibility. The fearfulness resulting from his embodiment directly impacts his daily life.

So what can a sensitive dog be afraid of? Absolutely everything. I know a dog who was incredibly stressed by his toys. Fortunately, the owner quickly realized that the dog was scared of all kinds of mascots, and all sorts of balls and jerks replaced all. There is no top-down truth about what thing or situation can cause a dog to fear. All that is left is to closely observe the reactions of a sensitive pet and possibly avoid such circumstances.

Accessories for a sensitive dog

Fearful dogs are not very good at dealing with new stimuli. Therefore, do it slowly and carefully when thinking about enriching your dog’s layette or replacing something with something new. Try not to lead the dog out of his comfort zone unnecessarily—does experiences related to replacing its accessories gradually, step by step. Only when the dog gets used to one new thing can you think about replacing another.

  • Bed

Appropriate bedding for a sensitive dog should, first of all, ensure him a peaceful, undisturbed sleep. It is good if it lacks unnecessary elements that could only upset the dog. The lair should have a rather classic cut. Avoid more extensive beds where the dog could get caught in something or get caught in something.

Also, pay attention to the bed’s material. It would be nice to touch, and the texture would not cause discomfort to the dog. The CLASSIC lairs from the Bowl & Bone Republic brand meet all these requirements, which combine a classic cut with a stylish edition.

  • Pet Bowl

Some dogs are scared when the bowl moves across the floor while eating. To avoid this, choose a bowl with a stable frame. An additional advantage will be the lack of the possibility of the accidental overturning of the bowl. The inner liner in which the food is served may also be a problem. A sensitive dog often does not feel very comfortable in contact with metal. The sound that the metal insert makes after accidental contact with the teeth or the dog’s collar can be highly unpleasant to him. Choosing a bowl with a ceramic insert in such a situation is worth picking.

  • Harness or collar

Check if your pet feels more comfortable in the harness or collar. When deciding on a collar, ensure that it is not too tight and that its inner side is finished with a nice-to-touch material.

Harness for a sensitive dog should fit his body shape. Too tight can cause discomfort, which in the case of a sensible dog, may make him stand still during a walk, not wanting to move. We also recommend choosing a harness made of better-quality materials because the dog may feel uncomfortable when his body cannot breathe freely during walks.

A long leash will work well as a supplement to a collar or harness. It will allow the dog to stroll freely. In the case of fearful dogs, it is advisable not to buy an automatic leash because the sound of rolling and unrolling the tape may cause discomfort for your pet.

  • Toys

The issue of toys is difficult to classify unequivocally. A sensitive dog can be scared by a teether, ball, or freebie. Instead, you should avoid making toys that make your voice heard, although this is not a rule. An extremely emotional dog may be disturbed by the toy’s shape, its considerable size, or its texture. The safest option seems to be all kinds of balls or jerks. Bullets from Bowl & Bone Republic can be a non-invasive toy. Their shape looks so simple that it should not arouse fear in the dog.

  • Clothes

Clothing for a sensitive dog should not be too overwhelming for him during everyday wear. Instead, give up heavily built-up jackets. All kinds of doggy sweaters will be better. Putting on them is not too complicated. If your dog is reluctant to put on clothes over his head, think about a jacket with press studs or bumps, for example.

Avoid materials that can scratch your dog’s skin or keep air out of the way while moving.

Show the dog he’s safe

A dog’s reaction to a given thing may be a one-time incident. Perhaps with time, the dog will get used to the new bedding or toy and will fully accept it. However, if the grinding between the dog and the thing persists, do not try to force your pet to use it. If you want to convince your dog to do a given item, you have to show him that there is nothing to be afraid of. You are the person he trusts the most. If you prove to him that he is in no danger, he may become accustomed to the thing and eventually accept it.

Raising a sensitive dog is not easy. You must be careful at every step to save your four-legged friend from unnecessary stress. Indeed, you cannot control everything he has to face in everyday life. However, you can ensure that the accessories surrounding him are as close as possible to his unique personalization.

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Author: Klaudia, author and a great dog lover
The doggy by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and see each new day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. Searching for my soul mate, I found her in dogs' wise eyes.

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