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Basket for dog toys – how to keep order at home with dog

How to deal with an excess of your beloved pet toys? Good organization is the basis for maintaining order in your home. This task, which would seem almost impossible, becomes incomparably simpler having a basket for your pet's toys at hand.
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Basket for dog toys

As a dog guardian, you have probably tripped over your doggy favorite toys or other pooch’s accessories many times. Keeping order with tetrapod is often a challenge.

This is especially true for puppies and temperamental dogs. Their energy reserves seem to be inexhaustible. There are plenty of them everywhere, and you can come across their things at every step.

So how to deal with it? First of all, give yourself a little slack. When deciding to embrace a pooch in your home, you must be aware that big changes await you. It also applies to maintaining order at home. Dogs are live beings who like to spend time actively and you can not completely impose on them where and what to play. Therefore, if you want to make it easier for yourself and other household members, it is worth taking care of good and thoughtful organization of dog’s things in your home.

What too much is unhealthy – this also applies to dog toys

At the start of making changes to the organization of your pet’s things, it’s worth taking a closer look at toys of your dog and his other accessories. It can quickly turn out that the mess is not arising from the specific character of your pooch but from too many unnecessary things. Although you really want to provide your dog with a great dose of entertainment, an excessive number of toys can make your pet unable to enjoy their full capabilities.

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Order in our four-legged friend’s toys is also saying goodbye to things whose glory days are long gone. What’s more, broken toys can be a serious threat to your pet, who will definitely be interested in any protruding elements or the filler inside. In addition, it is worth mentioning that they can be a source of germs and bacteria.

Also, make sure that all your pet accessories are still the right size for him. I assure you that there is no need to collect old and damaged collars or too small harnesses. They only take up space, often becoming one of the causes of the mounting mess.

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Approach the topic carefully. Think about how many toys your pooch really uses. Is the purchase of another cuddly toy or ball really necessary? Perhaps, wanting to please your pet, you really buy him gadgets too often and anyway your pooch devotes the most attention and time to only a few of his favourite toys.

How to store dog toys

If you are sure that all the toys in the house are very important for the pooch and provide him with a lot of entertainment and fun, then you can organize them.

First of all, divide the dog’s things into those to which he will be able to have constant access. Also, separate those over which you will control.

Why is this solution good? Because not all toys are suitable for play at home. Certainly, among your pet’s accessories, there are such toys that he only plays with during outdoor activities like for example frisbee. The situation may be similar in the case of mascots or balls with a squeaker placed inside. The dog can unknowingly wake up himself in the middle of the night with his squicky toy. Therefore, for such toys, it is worth allocating separately a place to which only you have access.

A great solution for storing your pet’s accessories to which you want him to have constant access is a basket for dog toys. It is a product tailored specially to the needs of the pooch.

How to choose the right basket for dog toys

The task of the toy basket for your pooch is to provide the dog with constant and easy access to his favourite accessories. Therefore, it should be a product fully suited to pet needs. When choosing a basket for toys, pay attention to whether its height will be suitable for your pet. It should not be too high, otherwise, the pooch will have difficulty getting to his favourite toys inside.

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The basket for dog toys should be soft. In no case should it be plastic or metal. Otherwise, the dog may hurt himself by trying to get the selected toy form the bottom of the basket.

So how do you find the perfect basket? The Bowl&Bone Republic brand meets the expectations of doggies by offering three completely different models of dog baskets. Thanks to this, you can choose a product not only fully adapted to the needs of our pets. In addition, also one that will perfectly fit into the style of your apartment.

Remember that after all, the basket for pooch toys is a permanent element of the decor of the place where you live. Therefore, its design is as important as its functionality.

The COTTON dog basket from Bowl&Bone Republic is made of a solid and pleasant to the touch cotton cord. Hand-made weave makes the product one of a kind. The perfectly balanced size of the basket makes it easily accommodate your doggies favourite toys. Baskets from the RING line are also quite roomy – here Bowl&Bone Republic designers focused on more subdued colours. If pastel colours will be better found in your interior, take a look at the DOUBLE basket – this is something that should draw your attention.

Accept your four-legged friend as he is

Even a well-thought-out organization will not make the problem of mess in your pet’s toys disappear completely. Do not expect the pooch to limit his desire to play in the name of maintaining order.

Dogs need to spend their free time actively, so try to turn a blind eye to his little mischievous antics making misorder among his toys 🙂

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