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Best dog breed for allergy sufferer

Do you have an allergy and still you dream about a dog friend? Nothing lost! There are dog breeds suitable for allergy sufferers.

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Dog for allergy sufferer

Does allergy to dogs mean that you will not be able to become a dog caregiver? Well, definitely not.

In many cases, the cause of allergic reactions in humans is not dog’s fur but lipocalin found in his saliva or epidermis. Therefore, there are dog breeds that are characterized by a small amount of  these allergens. In the case of allergy sufferers, the possession of a dog does not have to be excluded.

Well considered selection of puppy breed will allow you to enjoy this amazing friendship between dog and human. Unfortunately, you must remember that there is a possibility that even a breed that is potentially safe for allergy sufferers can cause an allergic reaction. This is because every human body is different and receives external stimuli differently. Therefore, even if some allergen is potentially not perceived negatively by most of us, it is always possible that for some people it will be a serious problem.

Yorkshire terrier breed

Yorkshire terrier dogs are most commonly chosen among the allergy sufferers. Yorkie do not have undercoat, do not shed their coat, and do not have problems with dandruff. Of course, a lot depends on how we take care for the puppy of this breed. Without proper care, the dog can experience dandruff, which is often the cause of a human allergic reactions.

Yorkie is an extremely charming dog. You can’t denied that this breed often behaves in a contrarian and persistent way. Nevertheless, they are very vigilant and energetic. As a rule, they approach people with sympathy, but not always close relations with other pets are welcomed.


Poodle is an excellent dog for allergy sufferer. It is true that his coat is quite demanding, however, thanks to proper care, the poodle looks very dignified. This dog is exceptionally intelligent and knowledgeable learns new skills surprisingly quick.

In addition, this breed is characterized by enormous grace and innate elegance. Poodles are dogs of relatively long life. Most of them live up to 15 years or more.


The Maltese dog breed is considered not to cause an allergic reaction due to lack of undercoat. Their hair are silky and extremely soft to the touch. Dogs of this breed belong to the group of small dogs.

Maltese are characterized by a cheerful nature, they are energetic and spontaneous. You should remember that this breed requires regular care. You can read more about the Maltese in an article devoted entirely to this breed with the title „All about Maltese”.

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Dogs of this breed lose very little hair compared to most dogs but require regular visits to the groomer. Schnauzer will give you boundless friendship if you just give him as much attention as he needs. He is very attached to his caregiver, who is the most important person in his life. This dog is extremely faithful and emotionally close to his owner.

Schnauzer is very energetic, likes playing with dog toys and of course  loves spending time actively.

Portuguese water dog

A breed with a rather unusual sounding name that is adequate to the temperament and character of these dogs. Portuguese water dogs love to swim. They perform well even in really difficult conditions. It is a very active and bustling race, in company of which you certainly will not be bored.

It is true that these dogs are extremely stubborn and unyielding, however, they learn very fast and willingly submit to training and learning new skills. Interestingly, this dog race was chosen by President Barack Obama as a gift for his daughters after winning the election.

Chinese crested dog

As the name suggests, it is a breed whose characteristic and distinctive element is lush mane. In combination with the lack of hair, the dog looks very original and sophisticated. However, you should bare in mind that this may be the cause doggy burns on extremely sunny days, as well as the reason why these dogs require additional protection during low temperatures season. Such a dog on a cold, windy day will need a dog sweater or dog jacket.

Choosing a dog breed for allergy sufferer is not everything

In addition to choosing a dog breed for allergy sufferer, you should also remember about several important issues. Above all, it is important to take care of hygiene. After contact with the pet, wash your hands thoroughly. It is also important to look after of the dog’s care. Regular baths using specialized cosmetics will reduce the amount of allergens in the pet’s hair. It is recommended that you regularly visit a dog’s groomer if your pet’s breed requires regular hair cutting. This will reduce the dog’s hair loss and it’s spreading throughout the house.

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In order to avoid a nasty surprise in the form of an allergic reaction resulting from contact with a dog who could not cause allergy (it can happen), it is worth to organize a meeting with a representative of the chosen breed. If after a prolonged stay with a pooch you do not notice allergy, then you can decide to take doggy under your care. This mainly applies to people who are at increased risk of allergy to the dog.

Choosing a dog for allergy sufferer is difficult. Nevertheless, in most cases, the most feasible. There are dog breeds that will be great for people with allergies!

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