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We know that taking care of a four-legged friend is quite a challenge. Here we have answers to many troubling questions that dog owners ask themselves. It doesn't matter whether they concern the dog's health, its daily care or the selection of the best accessories for the dog.
Every dog ​​lover sometimes needs advice on an issue that bothers them, and we will try to help!

dog eats from the duo ceramic dog bowl

What size should a dog bowl be?

When choosing a new bowl for your four-legged friend, consider its appearance and size. That is very important because otherwise, your dog’s bowl may be too small or too big for him. When buying a new dog bowl, we should consider its appearance, shape, colour, and size. Many dog ​​owners don’t realize that a dog’s [...]

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a dog on the grey dog mat

What sounds does a dog make?

Do you know all the sounds your four-legged friend uses to communicate with you? Dogs express their emotions not only by barking and growling. In this post, I also present other sounds your dog makes to convey information. Dogs communicate with other dogs and us using various sounds. Your four-legged friend will express his fear [...]

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a small dog stands by the cream dog bed

Why does the dog keep walking around the house

Your four-legged friend always walks around the house, and you don’t know why? There can be several reasons for this dog behaviour. Depending on what drives the dog, the ways to deal with this problem will differ. Your dog may constantly be walking around the house because he may not feel like he has his [...]

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dog in a dog bed with a blanket

What else you don’t know about dog blankets

Are you wondering if your four-legged friend needs a dog blanket in his layette? The answer to this question is most definitely in the affirmative. So, I want to show you why your dog should always have his favourite blanket with him. A dog blanket should be an obligatory element of every layette for a [...]

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a samll dog with a red scarf palys

Is dog training necessary?

Are you wondering if dog training is a type of activity that will work for your pet? I think you may not realize how many advantages dog training brings. Therefore, I will tell you about them and answer whether it is worth training a dog. Dog training is not just about learning new commands. Your [...]

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a small dog sits on the red blanket

Why does the dog not like to play

Your dog doesn’t like to play with his toys, and you don’t know why? If so, I will present some of the most common reasons our pets are reluctant to play. You may be able to find the cause of this behaviour in your dog. Not every dog ​​has to like to play. However, there [...]

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a dog with a navy harness on the leash

What harness to choose for a small dog

Do you have a dog belonging to a group of small breeds under your care, and you do not know what harness to choose for him? I have prepared a list of some of the most popular types of dog harnesses. I am sure that one of them will appeal to your little puppy. In [...]

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a dog with his guardian in the city

How to pet a dog

Can petting a dog be difficult? It turns out that many dog owners do not quite know how to stroke their four-legged friend. Interestingly, not every dog has to like being petted. Much of this matter depends on the personal preferences of the dog. It would help if you petted your dog only when he [...]

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