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Can the dog smile?

Are you wondering if your four-legged friend expresses his joy with a smile? We can say that to some extent. However, it is worth noting that the smile in the case of a dog looks a bit different. Moreover, this kind of expression on the dog’s face will not always mean joy.

a dog with a collar

One sign that your dog is delighted at the moment is his smile. It looks similar to humans, the dog has an open mouth, and the corners point upwards. However, it is also worth knowing that similar behaviour accompanied by a dog’s tension can mean anger.

What will you learn from this article

• When the dog is happy, his face takes on a slight smile

• Just because the dog is not smiling at the moment does not mean that he is not happy

• The dog may look similar to his face when he is upset about something

Dog smile

Is a smile in a dog possible? I am sure every dog ​​owner has their own opinion on this subject. I have heard arguments from doggy owners, confirming that their four-legged friends are smiling and strongly denying it is possible. How do you feel about it? Could you write me your answer in the comment?

However, you are probably wondering what the facts say about it, whether your dog can smile or not. My job for today is to answer this fascinating question. I think that as a guardian canine, you would certainly like to know if a dog’s smile is possible, and if so, how to recognize it in your four-legged friend.

So I have compiled some fascinating facts about this for you. As a dog sitter, I am sure you will be happy to discover what it is like to smile at your four-legged friend.

What makes the dog happy

A smile appears on your face when you experience something that makes you happy. That is how our body works. When we are sad, tears appear in our eyes very often, and we are not laughing at all then.

In many situations, the reactions of the organism of animals are very similar to ours. In that case, since we are dealing with the subject of a dog’s smile, let’s think about what can make your dog feel joyful.

Dogs enjoy life much more than most people. That is one of the things you should learn from your four-legged friend. If you want to know more about what dogs can teach us, please refer to my article. You can find it HERE.

Playing with a dog

I am sure that every doggy enjoys playing with his beloved guardian. When I spend time with my dog, and we wrestle with his favourite BULLET from Bowl & Bone Republic, I can see how pleased he is.

Favourite food

Dogs are greedy eaters. Hardly any dog ​​will pass indifferently by their favourite delicacies. When it’s time to eat, and she gives my pet a bowl of his food, he pats his paws in place with excitement and joy.

Eating gives our four-legged friends a lot of reasons to be happy.

Presence of a guardian

My dog waits for me at the door when I come home, even after a short absence. The moment he hears the sound of the key when I turn it in the locks, he starts to jump up joyfully. I can see how happy he is that we are together again, the two of us.

For your four-legged friend, your presence is significant. Your dog then feels completely safe and comfortable. He is delighted when you come back after a long day of absence. Such a situation will cause him visible joy.

Time with another dog

My dog has a canine friend with whom he loves to spend time. When the dogs finally have a chance to meet, they are pleased. Seeing his canine friend from a distance, my dog wants to rush towards him as soon as possible.

Dog friendship is something extraordinary. I am very grateful that my four-legged friend has a doggy friend. I know that my relationship with another is significant to him, but the relationship with the other dog is something completely different.

 Does the dog smile

You already know what makes you quadruped and makes him a happy dog. A man who is very satisfied in a given situation usually smiles. So what is it like with a dog?

To some extent, dogs can smile in a human way that we know. Pulled out tongue and the corners of the mouth slightly raised, I’m sure you have noticed this behaviour in your dog more than once when he was satisfied.

You cannot deny that in dog love, we often find human features and behaviour in our four-legged friends. One such situation is the dog’s smile. Although it does not look the same as a human, when I look at my dog when he is delighted with something, I subconsciously look for a smile and an expression of satisfaction on his face.

Therefore, it is common knowledge that our dogs can smile when they feel joy. That does not mean that euphoria is the only moment when the dog opens his mouth wide and sticks his tongue out. I believe it is worth bearing in mind to avoid making your doggie’s behaviour contradictory.

a dog in the red harness

When a dog’s smile does not mean joy

You might misinterpret a dog’s smile by looking for human behaviour in your dog. Not always an open mouth and a stretched tongue will mean that your four-legged friend feels joy and happiness. Sometimes the dog manifests completely different emotions in a very similar way.

If your dog’s mouth is wide open, showing his gums as well, and his body posture is stiff and tense simultaneously, the probability that your dog is pleased is very small. This behaviour in your dog could mean it is upset by the situation it has just found itself in.

Although your dog may smile at first glance, if you read the other signals, you may notice that the situation is slightly different.

Dogs express their emotions in many ways. The signals they send are very complex. It is essential that, as a guardian canine, you be able to read them correctly, as is the case with a dog’s smile. As you can see, if other signals accompany the dog’s smile, the dog’s message may be completely different than we initially thought.

So yes, dogs can smile to some extent and in their doggy way. However, it is also good to remember that they can similarly express completely different emotions they are experiencing.

dog with a fluffy bone

Your dog’s smile

Does your dog’s smile mean they are happy about the coin? Not. Therefore, do not judge his intentions and emotions just because you think you can see the smile on his face. Dogs are much more complex pets. Consider your dog’s entire body posture, eyesight, and tail positioning.

Do you sometimes see a smile on your four-legged friend’s face? When does this happen most often? I was hoping you could write me your answer in the comment below.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it with me in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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