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How to prepare a dog starter kit

Dog accessories selection | 18 September 2018
Most of the people, while starting their adventure with a pet, get lost during the first shopping. It’s difficult to predict what is usefu...
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Reasons why product quality matters

When you’re deciding to buy appropriate bedding or clothes for your dog, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the products o...
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Do dogs need clothes?

Dog accessories selection | 11 April 2018
The picture of a dog in a charming little sweater or jacket usually puts a great smile on people's faces. Small dogs wearing tiny clothes is...
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How to wash and clean your dog’s accessories properly

Dog accessories selection | 4 April 2018
Taking care of the hygiene of our pets is not only about bathing and carefully brushing their hair. It is also very important to keep their ...
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Dog winter sweater

Dog accessories selection | 4 April 2018
Perhaps there is nothing more pleasant during frosty, winter evening than wearing a warm, soft sweater and sitting comfortably in front of a...
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