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Dog behaving silly – how to control it

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Do you know what emotions speak for your canine when he gets stupid? Interestingly, dogs, in this way, express both satisfaction and nervousness, which speaks through them. That is a defensive reaction of a dog who cannot cope with his emotions.

The dog’s stupidity is his reaction to the situation or event in which he finds himself, both positive and negative. The dog can constantly run in circles, bumping into people or objects. We often stimulate the dog’s stupidity by overreacting emotionally to his behaviour.

What will you learn from this article?

  • There’s more to a dog’s goofball than a dog’s expression of joy.
  • During the stupidity, the dog can run in circles, demolish the space around him, and jump and bite people.
  • You can make the dog’s goofiness less intense and less frequent with your actions.

Dog’s stupidity

Are there situations when your dog starts running, going crazy, and you don’t know how to tame him? I’m sure every dog ​​sitter knows what I’m talking about. The so-called dog stupidity is a widespread phenomenon. Unfortunately, I have noticed that I found very little information about it.

The question is, should you take a dog goofy as standard and not react in any way? Not completely. Remember that such behaviour of the dog when he is highly excited is not accidental. There is a situation behind it, an event that made your pet react a certain way.

That is why I want to tell you what dog stupidity is, what it means, and how you should behave towards a dog in such a situation.

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What is the dog being silly

Now let’s consider what a dog goof is. How does your dog behave in this condition?

The dog runs recklessly

Usually, in such a situation, the dog runs around the house or the space at a dizzying speed. What’s more, a dog in a state of stupidity doesn’t care if his encounters something on his way. He can rush into an object or person with impetus, almost ramming them.

So as you can see, that alone can be very dangerous. First, the dog can hurt himself with such behaviour. He can run into a piece of furniture made of glass, which will break under the force of his impact, injuring the dog. The dog may knock over a piece of furniture from which something may fall and hit the quadruped.

A dog, while running while stumbling, can also run into a person who, as a result, may lose balance and fall over. This situation can become very dangerous in a collision between a slightly larger dog and a small child.

The dog does not respond to commands

Very often, in the case of dog stupidity, the pet does not respond to the commands you give it. When you want to stop him and calm him down, the words you say cease to have any meaning at that moment.

The dog goes crazy, and the attempt to contact him usually fails. Interestingly, in the case of dog stupidity, even very obedient dogs react similarly.

Have you tried giving your dog any commands when he’s freaking out over a silly thing? I suppose that if so, the effect of your commands was far from what was expected.

That is a disturbing behaviour of the dog because we cannot predict when the dog will start to go crazy. If this happens at home, the problem will not be as severe. It will be much worse if you are in a situation where you need to control the dog, e.g. in a public place among people you do not know.

a small dog on the grey leash

The dog bites and attacks

Unfortunately, a dog’s stupidity is often not only running around the house and not responding to your commands. In some cases, the dog will bite and attack others of emotions. Admittedly, it will not be at the level of natural aggression, but such behaviour of the dog is alarming.

You know your dog, and you know that even if he is behaving stupidly and he has no real motives, you have nothing to be afraid of. However, if the dog behaves this way with a stranger, then he has every right to feel threatened by your pet. That is the source of many very unpleasant situations.

Moreover, even though sinister motives do not guide him, if the dog attacks the child of stupidity, he can unintentionally hurt him. That’s why I hope you now understand how important it is to be able to control your pet when he gets stupid.

What causes a dog’s stupidity

There can be several reasons why your dog is being silly. Interestingly, this dog’s behaviour may indicate that both positive and negative emotions speak through him. Therefore, we cannot unequivocally determine that such behaviour of a dog is always due to his happiness or permanently from nervousness.

The dog expresses his joy

As I mentioned, your dog’s goofiness may be due to him expressing joy or excitement. An encounter with a given person or a situation can cause it.

That is also the moment when, in my opinion, it is the hardest to read the dog’s reaction and, more precisely, whether he is simply happy or in the middle of a fool. It is usual for your pet to react enthusiastically to the nice things that happen to him.

However, if his excitement lasts too long, it should signal that your dog is probably in the middle of a goofball. Your task is to assess the situation and whether your pet’s reaction is natural or maybe it is starting to exceed the limits of the norm.

The dog is nervous

Dog goofy can also result from the fact that the dog is nervous or very stressed about something. He doesn’t know how to behave in a given situation, so he starts to go crazy.

Many dogs cannot cope with their emotions. Unfortunately, we often cannot correctly read what the dog is trying to tell us.

Therefore, if you want to find out what your dog is saying, I refer you to the post about calming signals in a dog. You will find it HERE.

The dog has too much energy

This kind of behaviour in a dog can be due to too much energy that it has in itself. The dog is trying to unload his emotions with a dumbass. You’ve noticed that your dog behaves this way a lot after spending a lot of time alone at home or when you let him run off-leash during a walk.

How to calm your dog when he’s fussy

You’re probably wondering how, then, how you should behave when your four-legged friend gets stupid. I have prepared some helpful tips and information for you.

First, you must take the right steps as soon as you realize your pet is starting to go crazy. The faster you react, the more effective the action will be.

Allow your dog to use up his energy

As I mentioned, dogs often stupidly react when they have a lot of unused energy. Therefore, if you know your dog likes to spend time actively, ensure you provide as much exercise as he needs.

If the dog does not have the opportunity to use his energy, it may react with stupidity. In such a situation, take your dog for long walks and hiking. Try an active game in the park that will engage both of you, such as tugging with a jerk. I recommend a durable bullet from Bowl&Bone Republic for this game.

Don’t show too much emotion around the dog

For your dog, you are an indicator of how he should behave in a given situation. Therefore, if you come home and greet your dog in a very emotional way, then your dog feels that he should behave in the same way. That’s why he goes crazy very often, expressing his great satisfaction with your return home.

If you stay calm in such situations, your four-legged friend will try to follow your example and do the same.

Don’t respond to your dog’s stupidity

Your dog behaves in a certain way to get attention. Therefore, if he does not see any reaction from you, then in his opinion, such behaviour does not bring results.

Regularly ignoring your dog when he’s wasting time will make it stop being a way for him to express himself. Stupidity is a kind of dog communication. Therefore, if such communication is one-sided, it will cease to be an attractive solution for the dog.

My dog ​​is going crazy

I know that a dog’s stupidity can be tiring. Therefore, you can try to remedy the situation instead of accepting it. Now that you know what causes a dog’s foolishness, you must understand why your pet behaves this way.

Does your dog sometimes have bouts of goofiness? If so, let me know about it in the comment.

If you have any questions or want me to discuss a topic in the next post, share it in the comments section.

Author: Klaudia, great dog lover

The dog by my side teaches me to enjoy every moment and to perceive each subsequent day as a chance for a new, wonderful adventure. While looking for my soul mate, I found it in a dog's wise eyes.

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