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Dog chimney – clever way to walk with your dog in the cold days

If walks with your dog in bad weather does not make the doggy happy, make sure that despite the low temperature he feels warm and pleasant.
how to protect your dog from the cold

Dog scarf in a form of pleasant chimney

When the weather outside the window leaves a lot to be desired, walking together with your pet becomes a real challenge. Although there are plenty of dog enthusiasts for walks in cold weather, the vast majority of dogs appreciate warmth and comfort.

When looking for appropriate thermal protection for a dog that will be perfect on cooler days, it is worth considering an unusual solution in the form of a special scarf – dog chimney. This type of thermal protection will make the pooch feel warm as well as very comfortable.

A chimney for a dog is also a great solution for dogs that do not feel well in clothes or jackets.

Comfort and protection of your pooch in a warm dog chimney

A dog chimney is a great option during transition periods. When the weather is variable and the temperature becomes quite low, it is a good alternative to full clothing.

Some pooches require additional protection not only during winter but also in autumn and early spring. When your pet feels cold very badly, and the weather does not encourage walking, then the dog chimney will be just perfect. Such chimney, in a form of turtleneck, will provide warmth to your pooch on a colder day, and at the same time will not overheat it too much.

Let’s remember that dressing a dog too thick is not good for him. It reduces his innate tolerance to cold and also lowers his resistance to diseases. Therefore, when the frost has not yet appeared outside in full, and yet we want to protect the pet from unpleasant cold, the chimney will be an ideal compromise in this situation.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the dog chimney does not restrict his movements during walks or having fun outdoors. Doggy will be able to derive full joy from physical activity, and at the same time will feel comfortable.

This solution will bring many benefits both to him and you as his guardian.

is dog scarf good idea

Dog chimney brings comfort and protection to your pooch

When choosing accessories for dog, you are mainly guided by his convenience and comfort. First of all, for sure you want your pets’ things to be useful and nice in everyday use.

However, if the clothes worn by your pet could be comfortable, and also fashionable as well?

Bowl&Bone Republic designers took on this challenge. This is how the dog chimneys JOY were created. JOY dog chimney is an effective combination of comfortable to wear a dog scarf in the form of chimney with a thoughtful and original design.

The dog chimney JOY is available in a wide range of colours. This product can be found in such colours as red, blue, pink, cream and mustard. Thanks to such selection of hue, every pooch will definitely choose the option that best suits his taste.

The dog chimney JOY has a fashionable but classic and minimalistic cut. Designers focused on the classic of winter styling, i.e. a decorative weave of wool. This solution makes the chimney extremely versatile, it looks fresh and stylish much longer than one-season wear.

What’s more, the classic cut of the chimneys with a variety of elegant colours makes it suitable for both four-legged sexes.

Chimney for a dog in the highest quality

An important indicator of the quality of dog accessories is the material from which they were made, as well as their solidity and durability. If you want your pet to feel warm and nice during cold days, we should decide on products made of high-quality materials.

Chimneys for the dog JOY created by Bowl&Bone Republic were made entirely of 100% wool. As a result, they are very warm and properly use they will serve your pet for a very long time.

The basis for the durability of dog clothes is precision and diligence in making them. Let’s remember that the dogs will not mind if their clothes are intact during play. How long they will serve them has a direct link to its quality.

is dog chimney good for puppy

Of course, you must be aware that dog accessories that are supposed to serve a pet for a long time are more expensive than those that a dog can enjoy for a few exits. This is perfectly normal and has its justification in the quality of the materials from which they were made.

Great protection for your pet on quite cold days

The dog chimney can not only work as a single element of your dog’s wardrobe. During cold days in combination with some jackets or warm harness will create a unique duo.

This combination will effectively protect the pooch from the cold and unpleasant wind. Walking on cold days will cease to be just a responsibility and will become a real pleasure. The low temperature will no longer be an obstacle before playing outdoors, even when the weather no spoiling any more.

If you care about making your four-legged friend feel comfortable and stylish during autumn or winter walks, put on the JOY dog chimney. Even the most demanding pooch will feel very comfortable in it, and at the same time will feel warm and nice.

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